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Trademarks : How they work | How to avoid and resolve trademark problems

My own trademark problem(s) led me to become a trademark consultant and advisor that views trademark problems and solutions from a unique business and brand perspective.

Trademark problems generally stem from things I have done all my life in 30+ years developing brand names, products and services. I won my case without an attorney.

With or without an attorney, or if you are an attorney, I help in matters between you, the USPTO, the TTAB, Trademark Attorneys, and the parties involved.

I created this page as a trademark and intellectual property resource to help attorneys, brand managers, naming firms and others understand trademarks and intellectual property concepts as they relate to business.

Based in Orange County, Southern California, Rob Cummings is an experienced business trademark problem solver – delivering services online – with clients worldwide.

In part, this Site is supported by Google AdWords advertisers, and due to its content and helpful nature, advertisers are attracted. If you have carefully read the pages about trademarks and trademark problems on this Site (recommended), you know I do not entirely share the views of others.

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