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Our Trademark attorneys in San Diego can help you make informed decisions and best choices to file a trademark based on your business plan and market. You can call us at (888) 636-4884 for a FREE consultation now! 

To get started now…

Step 1. Book ‘1’ hour for an initial trademark Application Review (required):

Payment works like a doctor visit.

Buying ‘1″ above books 1 hour of my time, gets your Review on my project list, sends you and me a receipt as described here.


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Step 2. I reply, we spend one hour by phone and determine what to do next.

I cannot knowledgeably discuss this with you before I know the details. Though some attorneys may, I never take the boilerplate approach. To evaluate any issue I first need to understand and confirm some things:

  • the name(s) you wish to trademark
  • the class of goods and services you believe your trademark should be in
    (if you know, otherwise I explain ways to determine this)
  • your plans for your business and how the mark will be used in relation to it
  • other issues and concerns that could affect your ability to get a trademark
  • I presume you’ve arrived at this page after reading how I approach trademarks.

I also recommend you see this page to find out some of the things you’ll learn.

Finally, aside from having the trademark examiner allow your mark, we’ll discuss and do our best to avoid the worst case scenario, a trademark opposition.

In Application Review, I answer initial questions and clarify where possible. You learn a lot about trademarks and enough to intelligently apply for a trademark based on your specific situation. Sometimes our discussions lead to a change in trademark or the possibility you may not need a trademark at all. Either way, we must start this way.

More often than not, we need more time than the 1 hour of this Initial Review. If so, my normal trademark rate applies, and I will ask for your approval to book more time. Payment always works like a doctor visit.

My life experiences have provided me skills and expertise to understand the intricacies of trademarks, trademark law, how trademarks relate to business and best practices in regards to use of trademarks.

For more info about our trademark services, please call our trademark attorneys in San Diego at (888) 636-4884. 

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