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QA and software testing problems require an experienced, professional approach.

Software testing has become a major component of successful software.

As the industry has evolved, users have far higher expectations of software than ever before.

QA software testing verifies, validates, and detects errors (and can result in improvements and enhancements) in web-based applications, e-business applications, GUIs (the graphic user interface), end user usability, and other aspects that add value, competitive advantage, user loyalty, and more.

Where QA software testing may have been a luxury in the past, today QA software testing is a necessity.

Better design overall has quickly replaced circa 2000 ‘plug and pray’ and now most hardware and software lives up to its claims – and in some cases exceeds them.

The competition to produce high quality software that provides value to customers is challenging. Solving the problems of how to produce quality software within a budget and on time is key to being successful in the software industry.

A qualified QA Software testing firm will solve many QA problems:

Issues with managing offshore testing teams
Building software test and QA teams from the ground up
Advice on how to create test plans/test schedules relative to product needs
Implementing sound QA procedures and processes
Creating and/or extracting testable requirements
Managing and containing problems with test automation
Creating team relationships between developers and testers
Increased pressure from executives to decrease software testing cycle
How to present ideas to executives on how to improve testing
How to improve the quality of software products
How to effectively use customers to help you test

Software testing solutions should be simple, straightforward, specific to your testing environment, and your specific issues and needs.

The ability to solve problems quickly that arise during software testing is essential to the success of software development projects.

Every software testing project has a unique set of problems that can be solved with a smart, simple and effective approach.

Cummings Design does not do the QA software testing as described above, but has and can consult on GUI and other operational and procedural aspects – from the consumer point of view – and can help in the marketing and distribution strategy, packaging, promotion, and business plan.

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