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We’ll push the envelope while leaving no stones unturned.

In branding, positioning, marketing, promotion, business development, logo and package design, product development, company strategy, trademark help and trademark problem solving, execution, timing, and every other aspect of business, the difference between incredible success, mediocrity, or failure is based on choices made – big picture right down to granular. We’ve been helping make the right choices since 1979.

If you’re thoughtful and overlook nothing, your business will take off and remain aloft.

Since 1979, Cummings has been helping companies make the right choices across the board – in business decisions, settlements, strategies, contracts, vendor selection, negotiations, dispute resolution, tax-preferred structure, process streamlining, best practices, processes, procedures, as well as business development, alliances, marketing, promotion and numerous other aspects. We know about a lot of things.

Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things – from training, self-education, and life experience.

Avoid the wrong choices in marketing and advertising >>

You can simply have us help direct (and not do the work).

We don’t always do the work, sometimes we simply help direct it. If you need a little help that involves anything we do, please contact us.

We’re not priced for everyone and we understand that. Perhaps all you need is a second opinion to judge the choices you’re making. This is a service we are glad to offer, without bias, and without trying to sell you.

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