Contract negotiations

Contract & Agreement Negotiator & Consultant

I help develop, write, refine and analyze deals, contracts, agreements, partnerships and other business arrangements, solve business problems, and help avoid as well as resolve business and partnership problems.

Wish to avoid or resolve Partnership problems? See

Located in Orange County Southern California, I am a business consultant and business advisor. Most projects are completed entirely online or via phone without the need for any face-to-face meetings.

Some hire me as a deal maker or deal advisor, as well as one to create, augment or enhance the deal, agreement, or arrangement.

Others hire me as a second pair of eyes to critique a deal, contract or agreement, to help identify potential future issues, or to help resolve existing issues.

I am not an accountant or an Attorney, and this often works to your advantage in avoiding and/or solving business problems.

All I need is your goals, objectives, and background information. Since I am not an accountant or an Attorney and make clear that I am simply helping you make a deal, people do not feel threatened by me.

My method involves understanding the goals and objectives of all parties involved, creating solutions that are reasonable to both parties, and offering solutions in a friendly and understanding manner. Often these are creative solutions that have not been considered. Since I am a third party without a specific title other than the advisor hired to help, I am often able to achieve results where others cannot.

One example…
A client made a contract with a retail store to pay $225,000 over two years to have a product featured in a prominent window at the Waldorf Astoria. After the first year, my client wanted to get out of the contract.

Though I read and found that the contract was entirely legal and binding, I was able to convince the retail store to void the contract and save my client $45,000. How did I do this? I assessed the needs of the parties involved, determined the goals and objectives of each of the parties, and offered a settlement that was reasonable and acceptable to all.

Had I presented myself to this vendor as an attorney, the outcome would likely not have been the same – my client would have had to pay the full amount and/or spend even more in court.

I can help create deals, contracts, and partnerships.

Certainly an Attorney should review any final contract or agreement, however, you can save time, money, and avoid potential problems by having me help you develop the deal or arrangement and write it for an Attorney to review. My style of writing is clear and concise and my approach leaves no question as to meaning, process, or procedure.

Highly analytical, thoughtful, and thorough, I help you consider aspects of deals, contracts, partnerships, agreements and other arrangements that you may not have considered.

I look at every detail to help identify potential liabilities (legal, personal and psychological). I also help all parties discover, consider, and assess various outcomes and ‘what ifs’, and help develop a deal or agreement that everyone understands and feels comfortable with.

I can help source and negotiate with vendors.

As an independent third party, I can help you find suppliers and/or negotiate the best arrangements. In this respect I am not talking as much about getting a vendor to lower the price as I am about getting the vendor to meet your needs and objectives in the deal. This may include terms, policies, guarantees, logistics, and other aspects, as well as price.

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