Case Histories

Our best stories are the ones we can’t tell you.

Client stories regarding ‘projects’ related to trademark problem resolution, business plans, agreements, partnership resolutions, resulting agreements, investigation, negotiation, and similar ‘accomplishments’, are confidential, and not shown in any of the stories below. Without disclosing any confidential information, details can be explained in general terms upon inquiry. Contact us for more details.

Some highlights of stories we can tell you about:

medicinenet bought by WebMD as a result of new information structure, dramatically increasing search engine visibility (SEO), traffic, and user loyalty.
N.V. Perricone’s online Personal Prescription takes sales from $2500/month to over $350,000/month in four months
SpecialtyMatch Network is transformed from a niche dating concept to social networking which greatly broadens the appeal
The world’s first flat panel speaker is launched with a music video
A competitor to Lloyds of London launches by ‘cutting old school ties’

With every goal, objective and aspect thoroughly considered, the solutions and strategies we help develop and produce provide true competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive solutions, based on intensive research and analysis, include strong and meaningful positioning statements,  text that is clear, compelling, and easily understood, a look and feel that is audience-appropriate, and an approach that is intriguing and inspiring to the target audience, as well as those within the client company.

Inside and out, we provide solutions for long-lasting growth and success.

If you read between the lines of our client stories, you begin to understand all that was accomplished in every element, how every element served the overall objective, and the value we bring.

What we leave in is just as important as what we left out, and it’s truly the thought that counts in our comprehensive approach.

Our portfolio simply shows the result of a tried and true process that many today are entirely skipping – and ultimately paying the price for – often without knowing it.

Each project involves a great deal of preliminary thought. Our process most closely resembles the way leading ad agencies of the world used to work – when great ideas happened – and often goes far beyond their efforts in its scope.

Our process of defining problems in creating ideal solutions is, at least to us, the only way anyone serious about winning would wish to proceed.

Safe, sound, strong, built to last, fully conceived – that’s a good idea.

Big Picture? A true desire to do things right, making the best choices.

Granular? Attention to and knowledge of every little detail.

We inspire truly great ideas, develop, refine, reduce risk, increase reward.

Broad experience, open mind, we can lead or simply coach the team.

We will hurt your brain, yet you’ll feel much better afterwards. During our engaging process and systematic approach you will share the pain – and like it!

Serious thought and research is the reason that our solutions are so thoroughly appropriate while they simultaneously achieve numerous goals and objectives – and why clients who are serious about insuring success and reducing risk contact us.

The business-changing concepts we help develop become rock-solid solid foundations for all creative and business elements based upon them.

To us, a rock-solid foundation is the only thing to build on.

Thought you just needed a design? Please think about the foundation. We will help insure the soil won’t give way.

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