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There’s a huge difference between nice-looking graphic design and retail package design that sells products.

There’s nothing more important to retail buyers and consumers than the design of your retail product packaging since the right packaging design sells just about any product.

Package designer Tom designed all the retail packages above and is the designer of other famous retail packaging design you see when you click Logos | Packaging | Print

Of course Tom can also design any other printed piece. Since package design is the most difficult type of graphic design, graphic design for other forms of print is simple.

Many see our name brand design and are concerned about the cost, yet with our years of experience and knowledge we deliver very affordable name brand package design.

Working with our packaging design clients entirely online we save a lot of time and money in needless meetings and expensive face to face trips. With us you get more for less.

Working in logical step by step phases we rarely waste any time, saving money too.

For those new to retail packaging design

We walk you through every step of the retail package design process, including suggesting and then working with you with package design printers, carton and label carton manufacturers, and other packaging vendors. Packaging for liquids is called containers and closures and we help there as well. Once we set you up and explain the packaging design process and you follow along one time you will know how to develop and manage packaging design the right way forever.

For those revamping packaging design or adding new product lines…

We provide solid design recommendations based on brand history, not packaging designer whim, increasing sales and often reducing new package design manufacturing and package filling and other logistics costs.

You’ll find our business approach to retail package design refreshing, smart and very profitable.

With an experienced and thoughtful business approach, we focus on design that appeals to your buyers, not our tastes.

Our retail package design sells products while our packaging design solutions perform extremely well in every aspect of the supply chain.

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To talk directly to Tom, designer of the package designs shown, click contact us now.

We design brand name look retail packaging for clients around the world providing world class service and package design at surprisingly reasonable costs. Learn more >

We work in many styles, with each package and design solution based on the most appropriate style and treatment for the intended market.

Key benefits of having us design your consumer retail packaging, logo or both:

Years of experience creating major retail brands and retail packaging design
A knack for creating the look and feel of major retail brand packaging
Fast, efficient, professional, extremely personalized package design service
Package design solutions that appeal to retail buyers as well as consumers
Working entirely online for clients worldwide we save time and money
Our unique method of billing results in surprisingly reasonable packaging cost
We can develop packaging from scratch or follow existing package guidelines

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High level thinking, package design that sells, with every aspect considered.

Our motto in everything, including packaging design, is “helping make the right choices.”

We design retail packages that sell to retail buyers and the intended consumer.

Unlike many others, the packaging we design is not about us winning design awards. Instead our reward and only objective is to dramatically increase your product sales via packaging design that is appropriate to your specific audience, and sells as a result.

Talk directly to Tom, designer of the package designs above and in our portfolio by clicking contact us to schedule a time and day.

When you click contact us I can personally speak with you about your packaging design and graphic design, and I am the designer of the packages you see above and other logo design and package design when you click Logos | Packaging | Print or here. See testimonials.

The first 15 minutes is free to talk directly to Tom our senior packaging designer about your consumer packaging design or any aspect of graphic design or branding.

Please contact us to discuss your retail packaging, graphic design of all sorts including for websites, and your business plans.

Helping make the right choices includes what we help avoid, legal problems.

On top of great brand name design that buyers and consumers love, and of course packaging art that prints fabulously, we also consider the legal aspects of brand identity and packaging design that others very often overlook.

Truly professional in every way possible, the retail packaging and brand elements we design are loved by buyers, sell products to consumers, the art prints properly, and uncommon for most design firms, we pay very close attention to competing products to avoid claims of trademark and trade dress infringement by others.

In today’s global economy product packaging and branding elements must be unique and distinctive to stand out amongst competitors and avoid competitors claiming that your package’s trade dress is confusingly similar to their packaging and its trade dress.

Trade dress involves the colors, fonts, images, logos, and other elements that make a package either dissimilar or confusingly similar to the packaging design of others.

A successful claim of infringement involving trade dress can lead to you having to destroy all of your packaging, recall your packaged goods from store shelves, and even pay damages – while also having to reprint all of the packaging claimed to be infringing.

Often inexperienced designers are influenced by the design of other famous brand packaging, imitate its look and feel, and that imitation leads to claims of infringement.

Whether you are just starting out or in business for years, it is more important than ever before to be keenly aware of potential intellectual property problems with your brand name, your logo, and the design of your retail packaging.

Even if you have an intellectual property attorney you should realize few if any have a background in design, and in terms of trade dress, design is what enables great success yet also can cause major problems.

We are one of very few retail packaging design firms in the world that goes to such lengths to create retail packaging that sells and is unique and distinctive from a marketing as well as an intellectual property and legal point of view.

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Product packaging mockup from the packaging design artwork we create is now offered by most carton makers. Contact us now if you need help.

Hourly | Entirely Online | We serve the world 1 hour at a time. More >>

We consult on retail packaging, create retail packaging, photograph elements for use on packaging, develop best packaging copy, and coach teams developing retail packaging.

We take everything into consideration to create ideal retail packaging solutions:

distill selling features to their essence
write and refine ideal sell copy and graphics
research competitive products, and those that compete for the same dollar
assure perfect print quality worldwide via proven processes
assess and define display/merchandising options
assess and define kitting, packing, and shipping logistics
assess and determine msrp-appropriate look and feel
assess and determine audience-appropriate style
assess every other relevant product and market-specific factor
provide retail product packaging consulting, analysis, resources
provide product packaging mockups for sales presentations and trade shows

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We provide whatever you need from advice to complete retail packaging design:

digital artwork and consultation for retail packaging printing
retail product photography
retail packaging food photography
retail package mockups (your artwork or ours)

We can help with:

paperboard packaging printing, packaging offset lithography
large format packaging printing
POP point-of-purchase displays
packaging mock-ups and pre-press proofs
bottles, closures, labels, decoration (printing)
coordination of packaging printing in the US and overseas

Contact us for packaging from conception to completion and in between.

Need a bar code for a retail product package?

Contact me now about packaging design
When you click contact us I can personally speak with you about your packaging design and graphic design, and I am the designer of the packages you see above and other logo design and package design when you click Logos | Packaging | Print or here. See testimonials.

Retail product package design choices.

The best reasons to have us help with your retail packaging design are the options we present, the choices we help you consider, and most important, our years of experience.

We also make highly professional realistic three dimensional retail packaging mockups from your artwork or ours and can ship anywhere. Contact us today.

The right solution may not be a chipboard box and instead might be a:

sleeve over corrugated
clamshell (thermoformed plastic)
clear polyvinyl bag with printed insert
hang card
other stock packaging solution enhanced to appear custom
die-cut shape jet melt gummy glued to product
mylar pouch

There are advantages and disadvantages to each. We help you choose the best solution most appropriate to your distribution channels, product type, and buyer.

Additional Services and Specialties:

Wine and Spirits packaging design and compliance to meet regulations
Frozen foods packaging
Cosmetics packaging design and compliance to meet rules and regulations

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