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Bio: Rob Cummings  Business Consultant/Writer/Designer/Producer/More

Rob is the type many want on their team – and wish they found earlier.

If the problem involves trademarks or branding, Rob may well be considered an expert witness, with 30+ years experience and his own trademark problem.

Thoughtful, thorough, analytical, resourceful, smart, quick to grasp concepts, a visionary rather than a follower – and from formal education and life experience, Rob simply knows about a lot.

Rob’s a true thinker and problem-solver, offering and inspiring innovative ideas, techniques, processes and solutions to improve outcomes in all areas of business operations. He also helps avoid and resolve business and trademark problems.

Since 1979, Rob has gained great insight into successful, clever and creative marketing and branding, as well as ways to avoid brand and marketing disasters.

As he helps explore solutions, he recognizes and minimizes risk and liability.

Multidisciplinary experience and skill set, a questioning and open mind, business knowledge (past and present), and tenacity, set Rob apart from most others.

All his life…

Rob has been devoted to gaining the broadest understanding of everything he encounters, and he looks for encounters.

Clients immediately realize he knows enough to ask the right questions, and in many disciplines, inspiring discovery and innovation, reducing liabilities and avoiding risk, and knowing when and how to call in specialists as needed.

Initially trained as a designer and marketer, Rob always placed great emphasis on an effective and systematic approach to problem solving, which he applies to everything he does. ‘Everything’ goes far beyond design and marketing.

Rob’s big picture then granular approach leads to development of successful plans and strategies that seamlessly mesh from promotion to operations.

Based in Southern California, he’s a business development and marketing strategist, published author, promotional copywriter, business writer, designer, producer in all media, web developer, brand developer, project manager, motivator, trainer, negotiator, salesman, deal maker, process engineer, off-site creative director, copywriter, and more – all in one.

He develops, writes, assesses, refines and negotiates contracts, agreements, and proposals, helps clients consider and understand numerous legal, logistical, interpersonal and other implications, uncovers aspects that an Attorney (or the parties) might overlook in a strictly legal interpretation, and has been successful in amicably resolving and avoiding disputes between parties.

Self-taught in relation to business law, Rob has been successful Pro Se in resolving trademark application issues, winning trademark oppositions, resolving other intellectual property issues involving leading law firms, and in re-negotiating contracts. His approach has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In relation to marketing and promotion, Rob firmly believes in basing strategy on true competitive advantage as a result of research and thoughtful analysis.

Rob’s systematic approach is the key to his ability to solve most any problem.

A full scholarship top ten graduate of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC, Rob Cummings began his career at Muir, Cornelius, Moore which was later sold to the Interpublic Group.

In 1978 Rob Cummings became Creative Director for a Miami-based electronics manufacturer (TIF Instruments). As was his plan, within his first year his marketing program doubled revenues and decreased costs by 40%. The processes and procedures Rob developed enabled the in-house agency to become self-sufficient.

In 1979, with $1500 in the bank and a two-year outside consulting contract from TIF Instruments, Rob Cummings launched CCD – Cummings Communications Design, Inc.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, CCD streamlined the creative process by providing all aspects of advertising, marketing, promotion, packaging, product development, corporate identity, branding, trademarks, trade show exhibits, and all other business-related creative from a single source. In 1985, CCD was among the first to utilize digital design and production technologies.

The emphasis CCD placed on ‘strategy-based creative and competitive advantage’ in its clients’ marketing, sales approach, customer service, and other processes, served to dramatically increase profits (and reduce costs) for CCD’s nationwide client base.

In 1992, after twelve years, and with 12-14 bright, loyal, smart and very well-trained employees, Rob realized he longer wanted to be the boss, owner and president.

Making sure his Florida-based staff found employment with CCD clients, staff provided Rob with various assignments after Rob’s move to Southern California for a two-year sabbatical researching the film and television businesses.

Rob thought he might want to be an actor, screenwriter, maybe even do standup.

To gain insight, and be comfortable with any talent, Rob started a 10 year part time career as a talent escort or talent liaison at LA-based televised Awards Shows.

Often on the red carpet and backstage at the televised Awards Show, paparazzi have (for a moment) mistaken him for Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano.

In short time, due to to his fun yet smart, serious, caring, concerned and professional approach, Rob was assigned the ‘best talent’.

In this capacity, Rob was meeting, greeting, managing and staying with talent (leading actors, actresses, singers ) throughout the show…helping the stage managers by carefully following rundowns, having talent advised and prepared, knowing best ways to get talent around inside and outside the venue, making sure security measures were appropriate – and above all remaining cool and letting talent and management relax (to the greatest extent) and have fun.

Rob’s assignments were the hosts and/or talent that was ‘difficult’.

Difficult ranged from extremely famous, to difficult to deal with (rarely), to giant entourage, to security detail with entourage, to life being threatened at the time (more than once), to photographers won’t leave them alone, to (the reverse) they like to run out into crowds, and more.

Read more about Rob and the Televised Awards Shows >>

In 1994, Rob was contracted to help the creative division of Fisher Business Communications (an Irvine Ad Agency and PR Firm) become a profitable digital advertising agency. While there, he improved processes, sold projects directly to clients at higher yet competitive prices, reduced costs, improved vendor and client relationships, improved quality, and significantly increased profitability.

In 1997, Rob Cummings became intrigued by Internet-based business solutions.

In May of 1997 Rob created, developed and launched Internet keywords enable people to enter unique terms in a search box, click ‘go’, and be sent directly to associated content-specific web pages. Generic terms have never been allowed. was the first (and remains the only) Internet keyword Service that is as accessible as any major search engine – without any ‘plug-in’ or browser modification to function – therefore it functions worldwide in any western language, and for numbers, in any language. Though there have been other Internet keyword systems (most notably AOL), offers the advantage of working in any browser for any user worldwide regardless of how the user gets on the Internet. Tens of thousands have registered unique terms at, and hundreds of thousands have entered them and been sent directly to the content-specific web pages registrants (also known as members) associated with them. For more information and to try Internet keywords, visit

Between 1997 and 2000, Rob acted as the off-site Creative Director for Benwin consumer audio – manufacturer of the world’s first flat panel speaker system. By eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings via email and the Internet, Rob was able to spend far more time working and creating. This enabled Rob to single-handedly manage and provide all of the services of an advertising agency, design firm, marketing consultant, and more, delivering all of the creative Benwin needed on time and within or under budget. Rob successfully proved that an off-site Creative Director can be as effective (if not more effective) than an in-house counterpart who may get caught up in office politics. Rob also proved that an off-site Creative Director can work faster and more efficiently than the often disjointed collaborations of writers, designers, ad agencies, and others – and be more cost-effective.

In 1999, Rob revamped a web Site for N.V. Perricone MD cosmecuticals. The existing Site was only doing about $2500/month in revenues. The ‘online personal prescription’ concept Rob introduced helped increase revenues to over $350,000/month (and doubling every month) in a period of only four months.

In July of 2000, Rob Cummings founded, created, and launched (QTL). QTL was created to administrate a Licensing program to enable all Organizations to regain (or maintain) the highest level of consumer confidence, trust and loyalty worldwide. The unique program worked via a Code of Ethical Business Practices combined with financial penalties for Code violations and compensation to customers for violations. It addressed all consumer/user issues and concerns including personal Privacy, Security, Customer service and others (online and off). Lloyds of London expressed interest and QTL was in talks with them. A concept before its time, QTL was on the verge of success when the Internet bubble burst in late 2000 and the problem QTL set out to solve proved far more acute than even QTL could imagine with the fall of Enron, Worldcom, Anderson Consulting, and all the others. The need for QTL became blatantly clear with the bankruptcy of Enron, many others that followed, and the questionable accounting practices and procedures of many corporations. The fines they would have had to pay for business practice violations would have been exorbitant (far higher than Rob could even have imagined), however, if these companies had been Licensed by QTL, the proceeds from the associated fines and the insurance would have paid back many investors and others hurt by their improprieties.

The web Sites Rob produces become fundamental tools for process streamlining aside from carrying out their primary objectives. They address, resolve and enhance virtually every aspect of running the business inside and out. The web Sites Rob writes and develops are also highly search engine optimized for marketing and business development using an extremely successful SEO method and technique Rob developed that enables Sites and pages to appear top in the search results. Attractive, clean, and extremely functional, the Sites Rob produces are technically available to virtually all browsers, versions and configurations.

In May 2001, Rob created and became the founder of ESSENTUALE and began developing With a unique concept, and a vision for an innovative organizational structure, ESSENTUALE is a catalyst, incubator, and umbrella organization encompassing all aspects of looking good and feeling good naturally.
This includes: outside the body with finest personal care products and services; inside the body with nutritional products, services, exercise, diet regimens, recipes, fine foods and beverages, advice and motivation; and in mind and spirit with adventures and experiences of a lifetime. The mission of ESSENTUALE is to deliver the world’s finest products and services within the context of living the ESSENTUALE Lifestyle. This unique organization is structured unlike any other to expedite its growth and avoid office politics and other problems Rob feels are inherent in the typical corporate structure. Rob’s strategy of ‘friends helping friends’ in building the ESSENTUALE organization is proving to be both rewarding and successful. The flagship of ESSENTUALE is its world’s finest bathing system. In July of 2002, after rejecting numerous custom formulations over a nine month period, ESSENTUALE produced its products – ESSENTUALE Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. Tested on over 300 people and for two years, the goal of creating the world’s finest bath product formulas was achieved. World’s finest  is based on a long list of criteria which includes feel as applied, feel as rinsed off, male/female fragrance, results, and more. Even though Rob’s background is in marketing and promotion (and most personal care products have all to do with marketing and little to do with exceptional formulations), Rob feels strongly that the products and services offered by ESSENTUALE must be the finest there is in every respect. To insure the quality of the products, Rob has learned how to formulate himself, and is now formulating and tesing other ESSENTUALE products. Experiencing ESSENTUALE products in the home are as much a part of living the ESSENTUALE Lifestyle as are the ESSENTUALE adventures and experiences of a lifetime. ESSENTUALE is Rob’s dream and its ongoing development is his primary goal.

In January of 2002, with the goal of seeking a solution to terrorism (and to get a better understanding himself) Rob began two months of intensive research day and night to develop a guide to averting terrorism and remaining safe from dangerous people. He cross-checked details to insure accuracy, edited out specifics from Sites he found that might give those wanting to commit terrorist acts any clues, read and compiled concepts and information about terrorism, group dynamics, why people might commit terrorist acts or become involved in terrorist groups; how the public might become involved in prevention without becoming fanatical; how to identify biological and chemical weapons (what  they are, signs and symptoms); common sense safety precautions everyone can take to avert numerous dangers in everyday life. The result is a manuscript titled Living with Terrorism and Dangerous People in the 21st Century – A Handbook, Safety Manual and Guide to Averting Future Attacks. This handbook is written and designed to be a reference book similar to The Guide to First Aid many keep in their homes and offices. Living with Terrorism and Dangerous People in the 21st Century – A Handbook, Safety Manual and Guide to Averting Future Attacks is categorized into simple chapters for fast access to its topics and can be read in any sequence. Purposely not opinionated and without bias (other than clearly delivering the message that no act of terrorism or violence against another should ever be perpetrated or condoned), the Living with Terrorism and Dangerous People in the 21st Century – A Handbook, Safety Manual and Guide to Averting Future Attacks serves to allay fears, promote a better understanding of people of various cultures and between people of all faiths and beliefs, raises questions that inspire thought, and provides information in a clear manner that even a layman can understand. Rob is currently seeking a publisher for this manuscript. Please contact Rob if you have an interest in this manuscript as a publisher or co-author.

By August of 2004, Rob successfully defended a trademark opposition ‘pro se’ in an interesting and unusual trademark interparte case involving a major company represented by the senior partner of one of the world’s leading intellectual property law firms. Not only was this case dismissed, it was dismissed ‘with prejudice’ meaning that the plaintiff can never bring it up again (the best outcome in a trademark opposition). Prior to that, Rob was successful in an exparte appeal where he was able to convince the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to reverse its final decision. In both of these cases, it was Rob’s perseverance, tenacity, common sense, and ability to go above and beyond the effort of a typical Attorney that enabled him to prevail.

Today, in addition to duties as Founder of ESSENTUALE, and owner of, Rob is a high-level business consultant and advisor to a select number of companies in a number of different industries. Rob’s broad experience continues to enable him to revamp the way client companies work, rather than simply revamp the way they ‘look’.

His comprehensive approach and broad knowledge enable him to uncover and resolve issues few others are able to, and accomplish numerous goals and objectives simultaneously. Clients hire Rob to achieve real, measurable results, typically across the board and end to end.

Through innovative techniques he employs, he is able to bring synergy, harmony, and interactivity company-wide to increase productivity, improve communications, and significantly increase profitability. This is accomplished primarily via the Internet without the need for face-to-face meetings. Therefore, Rob’s clients are anywhere in the world, and few are actually in Southern California or on the west coast.

Rob helps write and refine business plans, develop sales and marketing strategies, streamline processes, train and motivate staff, develop corporate and product branding and positioning, name companies, products and services, manage legal aspects including trademark law, negotiate contracts, provide graphic design and copy in all media, and more.

Rob’s unique approach to analyzing situations and providing broad-based and end-to-end solutions is likely his greatest asset.

Those who know Rob understand his dynamic, outgoing personality. Through use of psychology, management and communications skills, he is uniquely able to interact with, motivate, and inspire teams in achieving positive change that results in long term success, company-wide acceptance and support of innovation, and more.

Rob believes it’s that overlooked 1% that can be the downfall, therefore he carefully assesses and addresses every detail – business, operations, and creative. He is known for being thorough in every aspect and every detail in developing solutions and in communicating with others.

Since he is able to create all the elements in all media himself, including writing the copy and text, he can complete time-sensitive projects in much less time with far fewer communications problems between diverse providers – account executives, designers, writers, legal, and others. This also makes Rob uniquely qualified to manage others when desired or needed, obtain fast turnaround and competitive pricing, and ensure that each element is cost-effectively designed to easily translate in all media.

Since 1979, Rob Cummings’ personal strategy has been to understand every aspect of successful business – and be able to do it himself. This makes Rob a unique resource to business.

Other projects: Rob always has a number of personal projects he is involved in. Currently these include a motion picture, the development of bar code service and a bar code number database through, the formulation and development of personal care products and cosmetics through ESSENTUALE, the development of The Bathing Institute, and others. If you feel you have a great idea, Rob may be interested in helping you. Contact Rob and let him know more about your project.

Rob Cummings also writes screenplays and books, and has been a Senior Talent Liaison at televised Awards shows since 1992, obtaining White House security clearance. In addition, he has appeared on camera in MTV Movie Awards, on a TV commercial for NordicTrak, and in other corporate video.

Resumé: Rob Cummings

1979-Present: Owner – Cummings Design ­ Laguna Niguel, CA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Cummings Design is a unique full service advertising/design and business consulting firm based on an innovative concept. As a pioneer in utilizing digital publishing technology, the company continues to remain at the forefront.

From 1979-1992, Rob Cummings, as owner, managed a staff of eight to twelve in Fort Lauderdale, FL contributing as Manager, Creative Director/Copywriter/Marketing Consultant/Production Coordinator, and Account Executive.

From 1994-present, Rob Cummings continues to provide business consulting and related services, and produces or directs advertising, multimedia and promotion for a select group of clients.

From 2002 to present, Rob Cummings helps people with trademark problems.

2000-Present: Founder – ESSENTUALE ­ Laguna Niguel, CA
ESSENTUALE is an umbrella organization encompassing all the aspects of looking good and feeling good naturally. Three main aspects are: outside the body with personal care products, inside the body with advanced nutritional products, and mind and spirit with adventures and experiences of a lifetime.

1997-Present: Owner – ­ Laguna Niguel, CA
A unique multi-search engine/internet keyword service, which Rob Cummings created and continues to manage, pioneered the concept of internet keywords without the use of plug-ins. Currently supports over 30,000 members and receives over 6,000 unique visitors each day.

1997-2000: Off-Site Creative Director/Producer/Business Consultant – Benwin ­ City of Industry, CA
As an outside day-to-day Consultant, performed all duties of an advertising agency/design firm. Renamed the company, launched the first flat panel audio system, developed and managed packaging, promotional materials, and printing; created and managed the Benwin web Site, negotiated contracts; produced a three-minute ‘music video style’ video.

Cummings Design Client List:  Armor All, Aloe Creme Laboratories, AnchorPad International, Anaheim Memorial Hospital, American Medical Communications, Aquatic Systems, Bendix Avionics, Benwin, Boca Research, Clinical Creations, Data Access Corporation, Eclipsys, Emergent Technology, Essentuale, Furon, GameTek, Gould, Healthvision, IBM, Innovative Electronics, Jamo, LifeGuardian, Lincoln Property Company, FutureWise Mortgage,  Mecon Health Management, MedicineNet, Microproducts, N.V. Perricone Cosmeceuticals, NatureBright Company, Optical Laser, Optima Technology, Racal-Milgo, Radiance Magazine, ResoDirect, Silver Reef Health Spa and Cosmetics, Software Development Corporation, SpecialtyMatch Network, Telecom Support Systems, Trenwick Reinsurance, Walker’s Aviation, WBLS and WRVH radio, William Lyons Property Company, and numerous others since 1979.

Experience: Creative Director ­ Fisher Business Communications ­1993-1994 : Updated computer production systems, managed all creative. Contributing Writer ­ Publish! Magazine ­1988-1991 : Writer and product reviewer on Apple Macintosh-based desk top publishing software. Project Consultant ­ SS Norway ­1979-1980 : Designed all signage – directional, deck, bar/restaurant graphics for refurbished SS France. Adjunct Professor ­ The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale ­1983-1985 : Taught portfolio classes to graduating students Guest Lecturer ­ Society of Technical Writers ­ 1983-1985 : Conducted seminars helping technical writers understand printing and production processes

1986-1989 Owner ­ It Makes Me Hot, Inc. ­ Fort Lauderdale, FL : Created trademark design; marketed and sold over 100,000 imprinted sportswear and related items in 12 major U.S. cities

1986-1989 Owner ­ VideoMessenger Inc. ­ Fort Lauderdale, FL : Video production company and manufacturer/distributor of state-of-the-art video presentation hardware -wrote/produced/directed video and marketed product

1978-1979 Creative Director ­ TIF Instruments ­ Miami, FL : Reorganized in-house advertising agency/Designed corporate identity system/Upgraded and managed all advertising, promotion, packaging, and cooperative programs

1977-1978 Designer ­ Muir, Cornelius, Moore ­ New York, NY : Designed and coordinated sophisticated corporate identity systems including brochures, ad campaigns, exhibits, annual reports for a variety of Fortune 500 clients including IBM, Pfizer, Union Carbide, Continental Insurance Companies, Standard Telephone, Con Edison, Addressograph-Multigraph

1973-1977 Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graduated top ten : The Cooper Union For The Advancement of Science and Art ­ New York, NY Four year full scholarship. Studied under leading marketers and designers including Herb Lubalin (PBS), Louis Dorfsman (CBS), Massimo Vignelli, Milton Glaser, Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar (Mobil Oil) , etc. Emphasis on marketing/film and video.

Art Director’s Club of New York/Strathmore Graphics Gallery//Crane Certificate of Distinction/SD Warren Certificate of Distinction

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