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Copywriter, Business Writer, Business Consultant

Professional writer Rob Cummings, a bright experienced versatile copywriter serving the world online

Based in Orange County, Southern California, Rob Cummings is an experienced copywriter and business writer – working entirely online – with clients worldwide.

A business plan writer, business letter writer, and business agreement writer, Rob’s method, thinking and writing is very objective, appropriate, strategic, and clear.

Rob also writes trademark-related documents and search friendly (SEO) web Sites.

A lot of business writing for a lot of reasons and in many diverse disciplines.

A professional promotional, advertising and marketing copywriter as well as a business plan, proposal and agreement writer, graphic designer, producer, business strategist, analyst and consultant, Rob offers more than the typical copywriter.

A versatile promotional copywriter and graphic designer with broad experience, Rob streamlines the process of creating advertising, marketing and promotional materials.

Samples and more detail:

sell sheets
annual reports
business plans

Business plans, agreements, and confidential matters we handle cannot be shown.

By being able to do the copywriting and design at the same time, Rob has always been more effective than the typically disjointed team of a copywriter, creative director graphic designer, and account rep who typically must collaborate to create the finished product.

Rob works directly with senior management, the Marketing Director (or Director of Marketing Communications or Brand Manager) and other key staff members.

By doing the work of a promotional copywriter, advertising copywriter, web Site copywriter, graphic designer, business consultant, advisor and business strategist all at once, Rob provides better outcomes and more focused results.

Even if Rob simply writes the promotional copy (which he is glad to do), understanding its applications makes his copy fit and work better.

As a business writer for business plans, agreements, business letters and other business applications, Rob’s method leads to writing that is clear, concise, nearly impossible to misconstrue.

His writing makes sense to the reader, and unlike the typical promotional copywriter, his promotional writing may be hip and fun but never ‘weak’, ‘trendy’, ‘cute’ or ‘fluffy’.

As a copywriter, Rob’s style is intriguing, persuasive, convincing, engaging, direct and meaningful.

Rob became a copywriter so that he could incorporate marketing strategy and positioning from the business plan into all of the promotional elements (as well as other corporate documents that do not involve graphic design yet still need to be intriguing and based on the business plan). These other documents may include employee handbooks, sales manuals, procedural manuals, and other internal written materials.

Rob often begins by reviewing, writing and/or refining the business plan, where a good copywriter can present ideas, concepts and strategies more clearly, more persuasively, and in a manner that is easily understood by all.

Once Rob understands the business plan (by reading and/or by helping write it), he can do a more effective job as a promotional copywriter since he fully understands the program, goals and objectives.

Rob writes all types of copy – he is a business writer, promotional copywriter, advertising copywriter, and a copywriter for web Sites, brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, packaging.

He is an experienced copywriter for Annual Reports, technical manuals, sales scripts, and has achieved significant success as a copywriter for search engine optimization for web Sites. You may have found this page by searching in the search engines.

Rob has experience as a copywriter and author of articles, proposals, speeches, successful trademark appeals and other legal documents, books, manuals, and much more.

If it needs to be written clearly and persuasively, Rob is the copywriter you can count on. All copy Rob writes is based on research, analysis, and strategy.

The copy Rob writes sells products and services and/or achieves all objectives.

Business letters, agreements, business plans, cease and desist letters, proposals, contracts, and other business applications cannot be shown due to confidentiality.

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