Business Plans

Our business attorneys in San Diego can help you in developing a smart business plan, strategy, consulting, agreements, processes, methods, and solutions. Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things – always thinking of newer, faster, safer, and better ways. You can call us at (888) 636-4884 for a FREE consultation now! 

Intuitive, smarter solutions avoid and/or solve or resolve business problems.

A good business plan writer who is also a thoughtful analyst and strategist will help make any business or business plan better, increasing and assuring chances for success.

Good decisions increase chances of success – and reduce liability. We provide business help in many areas, helping avoid business problems from the start or startup, and quickly resolving business problems if they happen.

  • Brand, company, product, service naming
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property consulting, help and advice
  • Business Plan development
  • Business Plan review, strategy, refinement
  • Business development, marketing and execution strategies
  • Risk reduction and avoidance
  • Agreements, contracts, trade secret methodology
  • Partnerships and business formation strategies
  • Cease and desist and infringement help and strategies
  • Business solutions end to end
  • Other aspects most businesses overlook – opportunity and liability

With broad experience, a very open mind, the ability to quickly assess situations and develop contingencies, attention to detail and a passion for business law, Rob Cummings is a unique asset to business, large and small, startup and established.

For more info about our business services, please call our business attorneys in San Diego at (888) 636-4884. 

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