Services outline

Seeing it all, from big picture to granular detail.

Rob Cummings has personal experience with all of the following. This helps insure everything is considered, even when he serves as advisor, or recommends others.

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Via the online consulting store, Rob found a way to offer an ‘environmentally friendly’ online business service with no accounting and entirely based on time.

In a serious yet fun process requiring genuine care and consideration, ‘hourly’ is the only fair way to bill – so like a doctor, payment works just like a doctor visit.

Rob and others he recommends keep costs reasonable and value high with all considered since the time is booked in advance.

Payment works like a doctor visit. Learn more >>

The online store makes it possible to book real experience and talent, and pay for it as you go on an hourly basis.

Rob only recommends people with years of very qualified experience.

See our client stories for results of an approach that inspires innovation, assures success, leads to discovery, streamlines processes, methods and procedures, and is safest with minimal risk and liability.

Trademarks, brand management:
Trademark registration
Trademark application assistance
Trademark problems
Trademark opposition
Trademark cancellation
Trademark appeals

Business practices, business methods:
Business plan development
Business plan analysis
Proposal and Agreement review
Corporate identity and style manuals
Positioning – corporate, product, service
Naming and name strategies
Annual Reports
Merger and Acquisition planning
Video and TV
Agreements, Negotiations, legal
Avoiding Partnership Problems – Agreement
Process streamlining
Communications systems & processes
Vendor qualification, selection, management
Vendor negotiations and Agreements

Copywriting for Promotion and Advertising
Business plan writing
Proposal and Agreement writing

Advertising, design, public relations
Video and TV
Radio script development
Creating the big idea

Graphic design in all media
Collateral – sell sheets, brochures
Printer selection
Printer follow-through and management

Printing, Printer selection, management
Look and feel – single product or product line
Product naming and trademark
Bar codes

Public Relations
Press Release writing and review
Event development
Event graphics and promotion
PR firm management and synchronization

Customer Relations
Customer relations programs and systems
Customer service process development
Customer service evaluation and reporting

Marketing plan development
Market research and analysis
Marketing strategies
Defining competitive advantage
Execution strategies
Alliances strategies
Exhibits and trade shows

Product and Service Development
Naming and name strategies
Trademark application
Trademark registration
Trademark opposition help
Logo Design
Owner’s manuals
Sell sheets

Web development, Strategies
Web design
Search engine optimization SEO
Customer Site usability analysis
Banner Ads
Affiliate Programs
Web-based business development
e-commerce development

Printing and printed materials
Printer selection and qualification
Printing price negotiation
Printer follow-through and press approvals
Press Kits
Sell sheets
All aspects

Start Up business partnership
Business Partnership Counseling and Consulting
Choosing a business type

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