Laymans guide suicide chapter 9


There’s much more to suicide than simply running out in the back yard and pulling the trigger. Not only is that amateurish, it’s a mess, and so many other factors are involved that you likely will not get what you seek in the end.

Nothing is worse than an ill-planned, haphazard, last-minute suicide.

Although you likely have little or no regard for those you are leaving behind (or possibly society as a whole), paying careful attention to detail now will surely pay off later.

Plus you won’t be fooling anyone. Everyone knows you had all your life to plan!

This chapter covers the P’s and Q’s of proper etiquette. Be sure to cover all the bases, don’t be drab, keep it clean, try your very best not to make a mess (of yourself, others, and the surroundings), and PLAN AHEAD!

What does etiquette have to do with all of this?

You’ll soon see in the Rules of Etiquette. Imagine how silly you’d feel if you went through all the trouble and no one even knew that you were ‘missing’. That’s what can happen, so keep reading.

Lack of planning so often results in a less-than-perfect affair. By taking a little time now to handle all of your post-mortem details in advance, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you want in the end, and make an impression on everyone!

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