ProQuoLegal is your on-demand freelance attorney marketplace. Get legal advice and FREE consultation with highly experienced trademark attorneys in San Diego and top rated attorneys in your local area. ProQuoLegal is a quick and easy to use online platform from where you can hire freelance attorneys who, as on-site employees, provide expert support without an additional cost. Your time and money will be saved by their services and along with their money back guarantee; you can have a risk-free membership.

Our trademark attorneys in San Diego will help you in establishing the Trademark Rights. We will help you in performing a thorough trademark search before filing your application so that the authorities don’t reject it. We also look out for the possible problems that you may confront throughout the legal proceeding. Our attorneys will always be ready to provide you crucial counseling and assist you to meet the deadlines in time.

PROS is an award winning Internet Marketing & Technology Company in San Diego. PROS experts have over 75 years of combined experience in web design and development, online marketing, SEO, PPC, ecommerce, mobile apps, mcommerce, social media marketing & more. Since 1996, PROS has used proven online marketing strategies and technology solutions to deliver maximum exposure in the shortest amount of time for various industries (small to large) including ecommerce, marketplaces, mobile apps, mcommerce, real estate, professional services, hospitality and many more.

We’ll candidly discuss things others may overlook, suggest things others might not think of, and carefully explore all options, alternatives, and contingencies, to help uncover brilliant solutions. Read our client stories now >>

In our 30+ years, we have repackaged products, renamed them, changed directions, revised formulas, recommended other operational and procedural changes that are far removed from design, yet add up to reducing costs, increasing chances of success, limiting liability, improving quality, and producing significantly better results – consistently and year after year.

The trademark help we provide to attorneys and individuals, brand managers and company owners goes well beyond company, product and service naming to dramatically reduce the chances of trademark opposition or cancellation – a little known yet common business liability. See trademark help opposition FAQs.

Never ‘know-it-all’ yet always inquisitive and in search of a better process, procedure, or concept, we help companies succeed in many ways, whether we’re placed in the lead… or just helping along the way.

Those that have been through our process report enjoying a restful night’s sleep for years – often their entire lives.

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