Problem solving

Many ideas seem brilliant at first.

The tendency of most problem solvers is to produce a solution in a hurry.

Skipping straight to the quick solution, the solution is then polished up (appearing even more brilliant), then justified as to how well it works to solve the problem.

The ‘finish’ of highly polished imagery or presentation can easily put a deceptive and blinding glare on ill-conceived and baseless concepts and ideas.

The result is almost always problematic, more expensive now or later, risky, entirely ineffective, or not nearly as effective as possible.

Any concept based on a shaky foundation is far more likely to fail.

Work backwards, like we do, from the bottom up.

You will produce a better outcome and dramatically increase your chances of developing or discovering the big idea or ideal solution to any problem.

Six steps to solving any problem:

When you solve problems from the bottom up…

…the ideal solution (or big idea) comes last, not first…

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