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Business partnership counseling and how a business partnership counselor helps avoid problems.

Before doing partnership in business or establishing a new business, be sure to consult a business formation attorney who can assist you in establishing a firm business so that you stay ahead in the competition. We are here to help you. Call us at (888) 636-4884 for a FREE consultation. 

Business partnerships work as long as the responsibilities of each of the business partners is clearly spelled out and understood, and the partners have assessed their personal as well as their professional interests.

I help by looking at every aspect, enabling partners to make the decisions that are best for them, and/or in inspiring thought on how to resolve partnership problems.

Unique business partnership counseling service helps businesses avoid and/or resolve problems with partners and partnerships.

Working online directly with me, we can:

  • Help form the best business partnership and partnership agreements
  • Help resolve disagreement and problems between business partners
  • Help dissolve business partnership agreements
  • Help business partnerships in other ways

A business partnership problem can make it difficult to maintain a business.

Many businesses fail due to ‘poorly founded’ partnerships and agreements between people – as opposed to operational problems.

Even if the ‘business’ of a business is highly successful, a partnership problem can cause a business to fail, and/or make the experience unpleasant for the partners.

An unhappy partner will disrupt and negatively impact the business partnership, and may ultimately destroy the business all are trying to build.

Personal and professional happiness can be built in – yet happiness and satisfaction must be addressed properly and openly at the outset – and it goes beyond the money.

How we help avoid having a business partnership problem:

In Business Partnership Counseling, we address issues that may not occur to anyone prior to forming the business partnership. The goal is to insure a satisfying partnership and to avoid a partnership where conflicts or dissatisfaction impact business operations.

At the outset, all the business partners want the business to work, yet may not have fully considered how it will work, how they will work together, and how to make the partnership arrangement the very best it can be – for each individual and for the group.

Though you may know another person for a long time as a friend or business associate, once you enter into a partnership, you may have problems that simply were never discussed – and seemingly unimportant earlier on. Primarily the problems we see are with balancing personal and professional life, individual needs and desires, and clearly defining expectations as well as routines.

While best business attorneys in San Diego help make agreements legal and proper, with creativity in terms of organization and applicable laws, we help by helping the partners to create agreements that insure the greatest longevity and minimize professional and personal dissatisfaction. We refer to this as partnership counseling.

You often hear of businesses having problems due to disagreements between the business partners or principles. We feel this type of business problem (often a personal problem between business partners) can be more damaging than operational business problems. This is why we help at the outset, before the partnership is formed, by acting as a business partnership counselor.

Just as with a marriage, the goals, objectives, and attitudes of people can change over time. When they do, or when business partners become dissatisfied, disagreement can turn into a disaster.

A partnership is like a marriage. In some business partnerships, you may spend as much time with a partner as you might with a spouse – so resolving all partnership issues at the outset can be highly beneficial to the smooth, rewarding and successful operation of your business.

Partnership counseling can greatly minimize the risk of having a partnership problem.

Before you form a partnership, Cummings Design can:

  • Help partners understand all the implications
  • Help partners realistically define duties and responsibilities
  • Help partners understand personal wants, needs and desires
  • Help uncover and resolve issues at the outset
  • Help create agreements with ‘built-in’ satisfaction
  • Help encourage discussion and define potential problems
  • Help create the most solid partnerships and/or agreements

Partnership counseling is overlooked in many partnership arrangements.

At the time a business is formed, the potential partners are often so intrigued and busy, they overlook many of the key issues that may lead to partnership problems.

Cummings Design’s Partnership Counseling helps all of the members of the partnership understand the implications of partnership, and come to a complete agreement that covers (and uncovers) all of the potential issues and creates the best possible partnership agreements and arrangements.

The issues may be simple… a partner wanting to spend every Friday with an ailing parent, another partner that wants to be sure to be home with family at exactly 5:30pm every day, another partner that is willing to work all hours yet wants to be insured of certain three-day weekends, another partner who is devoted his son’s soccer team and needs to work with that schedule.

When all personal (and professional) needs and desires are brought to the table by a third party via partnership counseling, all of the potential problem areas can be addressed, resolved, and written into a partnership agreement or addendum.

Why Partnership Counseling and what will a Partnership Counselor do?

When people are 100% satisfied, feel they have considered every aspect in any partnership, and all their needs and desires have been considered by all, the piece of paper the agreement is written on is simply a reflection of the personal interests, needs, and desires of each of the partners – and any risk or liability is greatly reduced. Like a marriage, the ‘partnership’ works and stays together due to happiness, rather than the marriage license that makes it legal. In addition, there are fewer surprises once the partnership is formed.

Rob Cummings initiated partnership counseling as a result of partnership problems he has seen in many client companies, as well as from personal experiences in partnerships he became involved in and resolved. Rob feels that you never get to know another person better than once you become their partner, and that partnership counseling is a necessity. Partnership counseling can completely avoid learning the hard way, and insure the success of your business.

With a unique and very comfortable process, Cummings Design helps partners create partnership agreements that go well beyond the legal and accounting and extend to the personal needs, desires and wishes of each partner. This assures 100% satisfaction and greatly reduces the risk of having business-related partnership problems.

The process is simple and straightforward. If you are about to form a partnership, we encourage you to have us help with business partnership counseling.

If you are currently experiencing a business partnership problem, chances are that we can help resolve the business partnership problem as well and with a mutually satisfactory and agreeable solution. Contact our business attorneys in San Diego or call us at (888) 636-4884 for a FREE case review.

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