Business plan FAQs get started

 How do we get started?

Option A – less costly:
I email you my Business Plan Worksheet, it’s free and helpful, you fill it out and email it back. Then we do this. Like a Doctor’s Patient Interview, it lets me know most of what I need to right away, which is why it’s less costly.


Option B – more costly, yet may be preferred
I help you fill out the Business Plan Worksheet from scratch, we talk by phone and email, address and resolve issues, and make decisions step by step.

We exchange documents, web page links, emails, other materials, for review, analysis, and consideration.

Which is best for you?
Since my normal rates apply for phone as well as email consulting, if you are clear and know your business, Option A saves money. If not, choose option B.

To get started, contact me and I will ask that you buy the number of hours we feel we’ll need to start.

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