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eCommerce Legal Issues

The UK/EE seems to be addressing things the US should consider. read more

Identity, Branding, Naming

Think you need just a logo? learn more >>

Naming a company, product or service learn more >>

Packaging design that sells products learn more >>

Trademarks – also visit the Trademark Learning Center >>

Naming a company, product or service learn more >>

How trademarks work and how to get one learn more >>

Winning a trademark opposition learn more >>

Filing a trademark application properly learn more >>

Creating a name for trademark and other purposes learn more >>

Trademark Opposition and Cancellation Questions and Answers FAQs >>

More trademark resources learn more >>

Problem solving

Our Systematic approach to problem solving learn more

Business Plans and Strategy

Don’t put your business at risk, read first >>

How we help with Business strategies learn more >>

Learn the basics with this Business Plan Presentation from BofA more >>

Learn about choosing a business type more >>

See why partnerships should include Partnership Counseling more >>

Business Plan FAQs more >>

NOLO on LLCs >>

Principles of Marketing Tutorials

Business Consulting

Our approach to improving business >>

Marketing and Strategy

The main reason to contact us learn more >>

Internet, web presence, and web development

Considerations in building a better web Site learn more >>

Developing a web-based business that saves money learn more >>

Advertising and Promotion

Lessons from the ‘old school’ learn more >>

Reducing risk and why some corners should not be cut learn more >>


See our packaging design learn more >>

How bar codes work. learn more >>

Applying for a bar code prefix learn more >>

The history and invention of the UPC bar code learn more >>

The history of the Uniform Code Council learn more >>

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