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 approach always produces better solutions with better outcomes.

Brand consultant increases reward and avoids risks.

Our business attorneys at San Diego have an approach that always produces better solutions with better outcomes. Brand consultant increases reward and avoids risks. Please call our business attorney at (888) 636-4884 for a FREE consultation now!

Broad background, experience, creative mind, dynamic personality, and a diverse skill set make Rob Cummings a unique business consultant and advisor. Rob Cummings knows a lot about a lot of things, thinks about a lot of things, and uses a reliable, safe and proven method in developing better solutions.

He can help you make the right choices as a start up business and help your established business change with the times, grow and flourish. The solutions Rob helps develop accomplish numerous goals and objectives all at the same time, while they help avoid many potential problems and, in many cases, reduce costs without sacrificing quality, productivity, or effectiveness. How?

Our ideas are always supported by a very solid foundation.

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Rob Cummings is an experienced business/marketing consultant, business development strategist, writer, designer, producer, project manager, brand and trademark consultant, and more – a rare combination. Broad background and experience combined with the process by which he develops solutions makes everything work better and more effectively…advertising, collateral, promotion, corporate identity and branding, business plans, trademarks, packaging, exhibits, company and product naming, promotional copywriting, new product and service launches, and more.

The big idea, and every granular detail considered, end to end.

Rob looks in from the outside, offering insight and helping to identify opportunities, define objectives, clarify procedures, reduce risks and liabilities, and insure positive outcomes in all respects.

“… you brought up points that we would have never thought to address.”

In the way Rob solves problems, it is often best if he has no experience at all with your industry.

Rob’s business advice and suggestions will help you avoid mistakes, correct problems, plan for contingencies, enhance business strategies, operations, and procedures, and inspire the big idea (or many). As a business advisor, Rob can help management understand the business as a whole (from an outside point of view), analyze and assess business development solutions and concepts, and help achieve the full potential of its products and services.

An inside and out approach.

As an outside business consultant and advisor, Rob can also help those working with and for you – employees, contractors, vendors, buyers, distributors, advisors, consultants, and all others – to do their jobs more effectively, with greater focus, and to the greatest benefit to themselves and your organization.

A business consultant with vision and broad experience combined with a thoughtful, analytical mind, and a personality able to motivate and inspire, Rob is politely candid, non-threatening, fun to work with, and always focused on improving every aspect of business and operations. He keeps an eye focused on the objectives without becoming overbearing.

Trained by some of the world’s leading marketers and designers.

Some may recognize names like Herb Lubalin, Louis Dorfsman, Massimo Vignelli, Milton Glaser, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar. From the branding of PBS to CBS to Mobil Oil, these were some of the greatest thinkers of their day (and of the history of marketing and design), and they left a lasting impression on Rob.

Inquisitive, entrepreneurial, experienced.

From formal education, over 27 years experience, a lifelong quest for knowledge, and an entrepreneurial attitude, the type of business consulting, ideas and concepts Rob provides goes far beyond that of others, with numerous benefits.

With first-hand experience in many aspects relating to what a successful business needs, Rob has a knack for uncovering opportunities that may not have been considered, noticing liabilities that may otherwise have been overlooked, and making everything work a little (or a lot) better while reducing risk.

An upside down approach, a far better process of developing big ideas.

The process begins by clearly defining goals, clearly identifying the problems to be solved, and developing attributes and criteria of the ideal solution. Ideas, concepts, options and refinements can then be weighed, considered, and judged based upon this set of attributes criteria. Rob’s methodology maintains focus, allows logic to prevail over personal preference, and results in solutions that are very well conceived and that all feel a sense of ownership in.

It’s all about how we think.

And yes, Rob can also create a marketing theme or platform, name companies and products, help brand and position the company in the marketplace, develop marketing and promotional materials, write sales scripts and proposals, review and refine agreements, help develop alliances, and more – if you wish.

“As our Virtual Creative Director for 2 1/2 years, Rob provided everything a top ad agency or design firm would – online – which saved us a great deal of time. Rob’s recommendations relating to our operating procedures meshed what we were saying in our marketing with what we were actually doing in our business. This combination made Rob’s solutions complete and genuine, and provided us with a true competitive edge.” Benwin

A broad perspective and analytical mind.

Rob is not a Lawyer or an Accountant nor does he have an official MBA. Although there are a number of ‘specialists’ that can and should consult with and for you, Rob’s experience as a consultant to business since 1979 enables him to look at things from a broad perspective, without the narrow focus of specialists who may be biased by their background in law, or accounting, or your industry. When Rob acts as your business consultant and advisor, he takes a broad and open-minded approach to how everything could be done better, often at reduced cost, and with greater efficiency and productivity, treating your business as if it were his own.

When Rob consults on various aspects of your business, he always puts himself in the shoes of those who may be affected in each specific aspect, which helps him develop better solutions. If it is an internal solution, Rob gives careful thought to those inside. If it is an external solution, he puts myself in the frame of mind of your customers or vendors.

Rob is quick to identify potential problems and resolve them – operational, interpersonal, logistical, legal and all others – in a unique way that produces positive outcomes.

Rob considers all the factors involved in your company’s success, and strives to create positive change in the way your company does business, and the way those who do business with you perceive your business – staff, suppliers, buyers, the industry.

Rob will help you organize thoughts, determine and develop competitive advantage, and much more… in a way that is intelligent, embraced, and readily accepted by all involved.

“Rob fits right in with the team yet, being from the outside, is able to accomplish things that are difficult to achieve from the inside. He gets things done very quickly in a way that gets the whole team behind initiatives he helps drive. He makes the process fun and exciting.”

The results far exceed your expectations.

Rob can help you and your staff carry out plans and strategies, serving as business consultant, project manager, producer, writer, creative director, marketing analyst, motivator, visionary, process engineer, negotiator… and more.. or less… as you wish.

Rob works directly with you and other members of the team as a business consultant, yet fitting in with the entire team. Impossible projects are completed in record time without miscommunication or delay.

Rob can help solve problems and develop strategies and solutions that seem impossible to others.

Nearly everything Rob does today is accomplished via Internet, therefore he can help any company anywhere.

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