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Business consulting, writing, creative, provided all at the same time, reduce costs, provides measurable results.

Cummings Design Creative:

Rob’s diverse range of creative services easily translate across the board in all media – significantly increasing value.
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Cummings Design Consulting:

Rob’s unique consulting techniques streamline processes, motivate staff, improve communications,
and enable companies to run faster, smoother, more efficiently, and  significantly increase profits.
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Cummings Design Merger Strategy:
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When your needs include but go beyond graphic design, you need a professional graphic designer.

Rob Cummings is an experienced, professional business graphic designer – working in all media related to graphic design – including copywriting, web design, business consulting, strategic marketing, identity, branding and logo design, video & tv, packaging design, promotional design, sell sheet copywriting and design, exhibit design, pre-press and on-press approvals for print and packaging, and numerous design-related services.

Graphic design is not creative unless it produces a result.

Too few graphic designers understand that graphic design is business for business. Too few graphic designers can spell, though writing and spelling is integral to what a graphic designer does.

Great graphic design is not about the graphic designer building a ‘pretty’ portfolio. If all you seek is a ‘pretty’ design, without strategy, you should not contact Rob.

Graphic design must produce tangible results for the Client.

A graphic designer who works in all media, as Rob does, can translate graphic design created in one media to all media, planning ahead, and saving a great deal of time and money.

Great graphic design involves in-depth analysis of the situation, designing a solution that is rational, logical, appropriate, affordable, and achieves real goals.

The graphic designer needs to help all the members of the Client team understand the approach – and valid reasons for the approach.

Rob will help your management team judge design solutions by strategic rationale, rather than by what colors each likes best, or other criteria that don’t really matter. He helps team members determine the approach that is most likely to produce the most profitable and effective result.

A graphic designer must be a great writer and communicator – proficient in graphic design across the board – in print, video, packaging, advertising, promotion.

Graphic design must include excellent writing – writing that is clear and concise, sells and persuades – and Rob excels there as well.

Cummings Design will not create ‘pretty’ graphic design unless it’s graphic design with a purpose, that sells, with specific objectives.

Rob personally creates nearly all the design for Cummings Design, working directly with your senior management, marketing, sales, management, and PR team to achieve their objectives, not Rob’s. Rob is no longer building his graphics portfolio. If you have an in-house graphic designer, Rob can consult, and is great to work with.

If you want graphic design that generates immediate results and profits, you’re serious, committed, and have a realistic budget, Rob Cummings can do the job. The result is much more than a pretty picture… it’s in the numbers and the stats and logic and sensible strategy.

An excellent fit to any team’s efforts, all your graphic design needs are met on a near-immediate basis from a single source. This means no need to manage multiple vendors or designers in a variety of media.

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