Laymans Guide Suicide Cover

Having a bad day, week, year, decade, or entire life?

This is the only Handbook that covers it all from finding a reason (as if there aren’t enough), to proper etiquette, fashion, accessories, advanced techniques rated by media potential and spectator value, even low-budget ‘quickies for the poor’.

Like the original book, the online version is a ‘quick read’ written in simple language, enabling even the most confused and/or distraught to follow along with ease!

The Layman’s Guide to Suicide is the last self-help book you’ll ever need (unless you skim). No matter what state you’re in (or Country for that matter), you’ll find this online book absolutely indispensable when making your final plans. Reading will give you a little extra time to rethink your plans, however, if you are heading out, at least you’ll get it right – one last time.

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