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We provide the kind of creativity that sticks in people’s minds.

Rob Cummings, personally involved in every project, helps in your company’s success – primarily by thinking very big – like the world’s leading agencies, design and PR firms that are now long gone.

Offering the quality advice, analysis, research, conceptual strategy and execution of a professional ad agency, corporate design firm, and public relations firm, Cummings Design, located in Orange County, Southern California, serves clients everywhere – providing big picture thinking, ideas, and strategies.

It’s all about how we think >>

We enable companies to capture and retain market share by providing the level of thought and professionalism that once was the exclusive domain of the now gone icons of the marketing and advertising world.

Our creative processes remain very much the same as the leading advertising agencies, design firms, PR firms, and icons of marketing strategy of days gone by because these strategies reduce risk and help insure short and long term success.

We help develop big ideas and strategies, and help implement them.

We can create it… or we can help direct it.

Even if you cannot fit us into your budget to do the work, we still can help.

We successfully help direct in-house teams, outsourced talent, and other resources, develop big ideas, maintain focus, expedite, select best vendors, reduce costs, make the right choices across the board, improve outcomes.

More often than not, our big ideas are not just catchy headlines, they are captivating messages based on true competitive advantage that does not come from some software package.

“It’s amazing how well Rob [Cummings] works with everyone. It’s also amazing how many factors Rob takes into consideration and how thorough he is.

Online and delivered right to your desktop.

Please take a look at all of the services we provide and give some thought as to how we might fit in to your team.

Perhaps we would be best utilized working with you, or with others already on your team, your in-house staff, or with your freelance help. We can do it all, or we can do as little or as much as you need.

World class solutions, world class outcomes.

Many products and services could sell much better and achieve much greater market share, yet budget cuts of recent years eliminated the experienced professionals once relied upon in the fields of advertising, graphic design, promotion and PR.

Businesses that used to get professional advice and strategy from an experienced ad agency, graphic design firm, and public relations firm enjoyed a strong competitive advantage, yet (sadly) few professional and experienced firms remain.

We do what a professional ad agency, graphic design firm, and public relations firm used to do…and more.

The work we do is from the ‘old school’ of advertising, marketing and promotion in terms of competitive strategy and thought behind it…and we are accomplished in all media which means our work translates from web to print to packaging to video and TV. See some samples.

‘Old school’ doesn’t mean our work is not ‘hip’ or happening, but it does mean we’re old enough to know what’s appropriate to each audience, smart enough to know better from worse, and experienced enough to help clients separate the right choices from the wrong ones.

“Rob and his team brought up some very interesting ideas, concepts, and considerations, helped us execute, and helped us produce a far better outcome”

The result looks good, but the strategy is what really counts.

Cummings Design work looks good (the easy part), but also the look and feel is appropriate to the audience since we help define the positioning and branding. The text reads more clearly and the message is more succinct and compelling, especially as it relates to the intended audience. The outcome is nearly guaranteed since everything we do is based on a solid competitive marketing strategy.

At the same time, the work we do positions the business and/or products and services in relation to the competition, helps build the brand, and produces far better short and long term outcomes.

Our broad approach leads to very big ideas and much smarter choices.

We become involved in and create strategies for business development, brand development, sales, marketing, and operational strategies – along with advertising, creative and PR.

We help develop advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns based on research and analysis insuring that these clearly address the needs of the buyer and target the right buyer with the right message and look and feel.

For some, we also help develop and/or refineĀ  your business plan to produce far better overall results and help insure clear communication between marketing, sales, and operations.

We help enhance your overall brand image in every aspect to make the right impression on your target market.

Solid strategy based on research reduces risks and liabilities.

We help reduce risks and liabilities in areas such as company naming, product naming, service naming, domains, and naming strategy which provides benefits in recognition, positioning and branding, while reducing the potential liability of
trademark issues and problems.

Employing various strategies, we also help reduce the costs of many aspects of advertising, marketing, promotion, and operations.

Since 1979, Cummings Design, now located in Orange County, Southern California but serving clients nationwide, has combined the services of a traditional ad agency, design firm and PR firm – all in one – and more.

Cummings Design is likely not the least expensive, yet, in both the short and long term, very reasonable for business success.

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