Wheelrack: A Perfect Vehicle Accessory Platform

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Prominent Brands
  1. Black Rhino
  2. Fuel Off-Road
  3. TSW
  4. Pirelli
  5. ION
  6. Nitto
  • Why Choose Wheelrack?
  • Conclusion

Wheelrack is a premium platform that delivers a wide variety of wheels and tires from world-class brands as a member of Trend Motoring Accessories Limited (TMA).
Wheelrack has long been the primary provider of automotive aftermarket products to retail clients across Canada, including all major tire and tuner shops, internet merchants, and automobile dealerships.
TMA has long been a wholesale distributor of automotive aftermarket rims and accessories to the Canadian and international markets, and through WheelRack.ca, it is now transitioning to online retail of all major branded automotive aftermarket rims, tires, and accessories, both nationally and internationally.


Prominent Brands

Black Rhino

Black Rhino Wheels is a street & off-Road wheels company that produces tougher, lighter, good-looking & easy to control wheels.  With Flow Form technology wheels, true Beadlock wheels, forged monoblock wheels, and 1-piece cast wheels for truck, SUV, crossover, van, and UTV, Black Rhino Wheels has you covered from the street to the off-road.

Fuel Off-Road

Founded in 2009 by MHT Luxury Alloys, one of the industry’s most reputable and time-tested names. With 25 computer-controlled machining centers located in the state-of-the-art facility in California, Fuel off-road wheels are engineered, designed & produced in-house and to absolute perfection.

Fuel Off-Road offers a complete array of wheels on the off-road market today, from stock to lifted, dually to trophy truck, and a wide range of UTV applications.


TSW wheels are designed for vibration-free riding, with hub-centric rings. Their quality control and design standards exceed the industry standards for smooth, well-run ride quality and durability. TSW wheels are made to the highest standards and embody more than 30 years of design experience. 

TSW offers a variety of Wheels that include Cast Wheels, Flow Form Technology Wheels, True Directional Wheels, Mesh Wheels, etc.

TSW is an international dealer and distribution network, including Canada, North America, Taiwan, Australia, and Europe.


Pirelli provides high-value tires and mobility services so you can safely push the limits of your vehicle. They cover almost all vehicles and wheel sizes so that you don’t have to compromise.  Pirelli has a headquarter in Milano with business in 160 countries. Apart from Car tires, Pirelli deals with motorcycle and bicycle tires. Pirelli tires have been used in several racing events with cars like McLaren and Porsche using them to push their machines to record-breaking zones. 


ION Wheels was founded in 2001. Ion Alloy rims also offer a full lineup of dually wheels for Dodge Ram 3500, Ford F350, and the Chevrolet / GMC 3500 trucks.

Ion wheels are designed for heavy machines. ION also has several models specific to the winter season, fully salt-spray tested to ensure the finish does not peel off over the colder months.


Founded in 1949, Nitto tires have been cherished by enthusiasts for well over 70 years. Nitto has a product for every category. Whether you are an off-roading adventurer or a professional race car driver, Nitto has you covered. Nitto tires are designed and produced with the latest and greatest technology so that you can unleash the full power of your vehicle on the road. 

Why Choose Wheelrack?

The product range of Wheelrack is so elaborate that it covers the vintage 1943 JEEP WILLYS CJ-2. Wheelrack is a customer-friendly platform that has an intuitive UI to make your shopping experience efficient and less time-consuming.

Wheelrack covers major wheels and tires brands that include Black Rhino, TSW, Nitto, Fuel off-road, etc. From Chevrolet to Rolls-Royce, Wheelrack covers it all.


Wheelrack has always been concerned about customer satisfaction as a result of which all the wheelrack accessories are 100% fitment guaranteed and also come with free and fast shipping.

The WheelRack.ca online platform will now offer automotive aftermarket products, customers, a unique experience to select from a vast inventory of all major brands at the best possible prices with more inventory sources than our competitors.

Based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada retail customers can expect swift fulfillment of their purchases, from the manufacturer’s warehouses, strategically located coast to coast across the North American continent.

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