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All you need to work with us on your end...

  • A reliable Internet connection

  • A reliable email account that archives emails for future reference

  • adobe acrobat reader - free and installed on most machines

Safe, secure, worldwide currency exchange based on USD, and many earn frequent flyer miles and other card benefits..

In one step below you book time, create an account, and in 5 minutes or less we can be working together.

After you book time once, even an hour, we'll then book approved time for you by email.

As we proceed in relatively small blocks of time (3 hours for example) we deduct time and report time remaining in emails so you always know where and how the time went.

2.25 hours remains in inv 1234

When no time remains we ask for more time and you approve more time with an email.

Please read this brief page then book time below.

You'll be amazed at the speed and quality of working entirely online.
What we used to do in person, we now do entirely online, faster and better.

International service - with "right next door" attention and responsiveness.

No phone calls or meetings required, you stay right where you are and we do too.

US-based, we work with clients worldwide. All payments are converted to USD.

Rob and those he recommends have years of experience, waste no time, cut to the chase, start helping immediately. Consulting fees apply after the first 15 minutes.

In everything we do we firmly believe in helping make the right choices - with you.

Try us and be amazed at the speed, quality, accuracy, and how well it works regardless of where in the world you are located.

We work remarkably efficiently with people we help almost entirely by email:

  • You see the entire process as it unfolds - step by step - every step of the way

  • There's never any "I thought you said" from phone calls or face to face meetings

  • Everyone works effectively and decisions are made fast regardless of time zone

  • Everything we do together is documented by email for easy reference

  • We discuss and confirm details via email so no one needs to take any notes

  • Our step by step method allows you greatest control of the time and expense

Our costs can be extraordinarily reasonable since we work with you mainly by email.

Of course you may always phone us, yet will be pleasantly surprised to find emails we send save so much time and make phone calls or meetings rarely if ever needed.

On the other hand, be pleasantly warned, we will exchange a lot of emails with you as we work together, the first of which you will receive when you book time and get started.

Booking time is fast, safe, simple, and secure.

Safe, secure, worldwide currency exchange based on USD, and many earn frequent flyer miles and other card benefits..

Get started right now
in under 5 minutes by simply booking time :
Please read this short page to get started now - and bookmark this page for future reference.

Set up an account by booking time below.

To start: >
Book Time just once below, click "Add to Cart", 'Checkout'.

Book time, checkout, get receipt, your project begins.
Charges will appear on your next credit card statement as ESSENTUALE

Clicking the blue button above will scroll down to the real "book time" buttons below.

Please read first then book time below.

You'll receive two email invoice receipts after checkout:

  • 1. Order Confirmation (when ordered - instantly)

  • 2. Your order has Shipped (when booked - usually same day)

    "Order Shipped" email indicates your project time is booked.

"Order Shipped' means booked, a project number is assigned by email in the invoice. We receive the same emails and place a copy in a yellow folder with a time sheet.

There is no shipping and the online store will consider the time booked as an online download after checkout. Simply leave shipping blank.

All in one simple step (as we said above we waste no time, not even here):

You book time, the invoice number places time you booked in our schedule, you have created
an account, and we have a time sheet number which is your invoice number.

Already have an account? View your account history (email and password required).
If you have an account and forget your password, click here.

5 minutes after you start to book time we have some time booked to get started as well as your contact info. We contact you or you contact us and your project begins.

We receive the same invoice receipt emails you do, at the same time you do, and our time booking process is the way we stay organized - and you do too. And it's fast.

Time booking the first time takes less than 5 minutes - and very little time after you have an account.

You book time once, you have an account. Like any online store you can return to book more time.

In the future we simply ask you for time approvals by email so we can proceed and you revisit the online store.

If you approve the time we ask for and book it in our online store, you get the same two email receipts described above.

After you have booked time the first time...

Time is deducted from time booked for:

Most email exchanges - billed in 1/4 hour increments.
We greatly prefer email and at our option simply give free time, our 'Free Gift with Purchase' when you email us as we work together.


All phone calls
- billed in 1/4 hour increments.


Our efforts, time spent and your time remaining are evident from emails, phone calls, or work we send. We keep accurate time sheets, report time frequently in emails, and you always know your costs.

Since we're always busy
, please understand that we juggle many projects at once, do everything possible to meet critical deadlines, and appreciate your patience with non-emergency matters. We move fast on everything and if you have a serious deadline we will meet it.


Working together we know when the time booked runs out, decide how much more time to book, and the process is even simpler.

The amount of additional time needed becomes more clear to both of us, and we ask you to approve blocks of time to proceed, generally in blocks of 1 to 10 hours.

You will always know and have been made aware of time remaining and time running out by seeing something like the below in an email we have recently sent you:

0.25 hours remains in inv 1234

You can control your costs without ever having any surprises since you receive time remaining emails throughout so you are always aware of time spent and time remaining.

As we both find we need more time, we ask for your approval by email, and ask you revisit the online store.

Each service in the online store is a 1 hour or 1/2 hour block of time.

When asked to book more time:

1. Return to the online store

2. Click the appropriate service and amount of time (usually 1 hour).

3. Click ADD TO CART

4. Click VIEW CART and change the QTY (Quantity) from "1" (for 1 hour) to the number of hours you were asked to or wish to book

5. Be sure QTY and the amount is correct in VIEW CART and if not change the number in QTY to the correct number and click "Recalculate". Once correct...


The time booking process is very simple for all of us and every time you book time you get the same two email receipts as described above.

Charges appear on your next credit card statement as Cummings Design.

Some clients enjoy frequent flier and other card perks.

You can
view your account history (email and password required) once you book time the first time and have an account with us.

You can review what you have paid at any time by returning to this page by clicking "book time" where the gold pointer points on our home page.

If you have an account and forget your password, click here.

We serve each in turn (for the most part) excluding emergency deadlines.

We serve everyone as quickly as we can, and meet deadlines.No accounting helps make this possible, our goal is to inspire you with brilliance, never mediocrity, in a timely manner that meets your needs, yet never can we guarantee immediate service unless in relation to a real 'no extensions of time available' deadline, which we never miss. We appreciate your trust and your patience.


You can start with very little, helping us as we help you.

All we ask is that you respect our time so we can continue to maintain the most reasonable rates for the value received, and focus on work rather than accounting.

We work step by step, reporting time remaining (about every two hours or at logical points we both agree on) in emails. You always see where the time goes.

Yes we nickel and dime, deducting time by the 1/4 hour and spending just the right amount of time in a smart, productive, logical, step by step manner that assures whatever we do for you is done properly, with genuine care and consideration, and always with your very best interests closely in mind.

We found the best way to get down to business is by not leaving your desk.

Like a good doctor - our belief is that it is totally unethical to estimate 'operations' since there are so many variables. To us, stopping at a certain point only because the time 'estimated' ran out seems just plain wrong, unprofessional and disingenuous.

All good (and properly done) things take time - and just the right amount of time.

Our approach and method is hard to beat in terms of getting things right, the first time, and forever, and we also often save people even more in what we tell them not to do, again, just like a good doctor who cares. Learn more >>

The work we do directly affects the future of those we help, so we believe the only smart, practical method is to charge by the hour, show you, explain to you, inspire you, work together, and proceed by the hour, step by step, sharing as we go.

Not sure how much time you'll need to start?
Please book one hour here at our minimum rate and we will proceed from there.

Ask a question.

Trademark services offered often augment yet are not intended as a substitute for advice from a knowledgeable and qualified trademark attorney licensed to practice trademark law. Learn more >>

! If you have a trademark problem now, please click here.

Book time and get started with the click of one button:

Click the appropriate button to get started or proceed.  help
We contact you when the time is booked. Click one of the above buttons now or contact us with questions.

Once you click a button above the Quantity will be 1.

Click ADD TO CART, VIEW CART, change "Quantity" to the number of hours you wish or we have asked you for. In VIEW CART be sure the number in Qty is correct, change it and hit Recalculate under the Total if not, then click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

On a mobile device? Do as above in our Mobile Version

Charges will appear on your next credit card statement as Cummings Design.  

All charges are in or converted to $ USD and processed promptly, usually same day.

Already have an account? View your account history (email and password required).
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  Safe, secure, and many earn frequent flyer miles and card benefits.

The Cummings Design online store features secured online transactions, state-of-the-art reporting, works worldwide.

Have more questions about how we bill and we work? click here >>

You get just what you need, and we do too,
directly from our desktop to yours, quickly.

We firmly believe in helping make the right choices in everything we do.

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