Market Research | Business Development | Competitive Strategy

Safest, smartest, successful business strategies look under, around, and above it – then deep in it.
Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things – from training, self-education, and life experience

The best way to get down to business is by not leaving your desk.

Working with you and your team online, we push the envelope while leaving no stones unturned as we first comprehensively define, analyze, assess:

  • your market
  • your industry
  • your direct competition
  • others competing for the same dollar (indirect competition)
  • trademarks and IP liabilities
  • other potential risks and liabilities
  • faster, better, smarter processes and procedures
  • your current business plan, if available
  • all issues related to your future success
  • Then we help discover true competitive advantage, and leverage it:
  • create a marketing, sales, branding, and business development strategy
  • develop concepts that fully leverage your competitive advantage
  • differentiate you from the competition in the way you work
  • position you in the marketplace
  • assess and/or resolve aspects that may cause risk or problems

All of the above – and more – is accomplished without the need for face to face meetings. We are able to do this with a unique and extremely productive method.

For a quick rundown, see Business Plan Worksheet FAQs, then come back here,

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