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Safest, smartest, successful business strategies look under, around, and above it - then deep in it.

Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience

The best way to get down to business is by not leaving your desk.

Working with you and your team online,
we push the envelope while leaving no stones unturned as we first comprehensively define, analyze, assess:

  • your market

  • your industry

  • your direct competition

  • others competing for the same dollar (indirect competition)

  • trademarks and IP liabilities

  • other potential risks and liabilities

  • faster, better, smarter processes and procedures

  • your current business plan, if available

  • all issues related to your future success

Then we help discover true competitive advantage, and leverage it:

  • create a marketing, sales, branding, and business development strategy

  • develop concepts that fully leverage your competitive advantage

  • differentiate you from the competition in the way you work

  • position you in the marketplace

  • assess and/or resolve aspects that may cause risk or problems

All of the above - and more - is accomplished without the need for face to face meetings. We are able to do this with a unique and extremely productive method.

For a quick rundown, see Business Plan Worksheet FAQs, then come back here,

We insure success via our methodology. Learn more >>

The true value of our work is in the high level of thought and strategy behind it.

World class approach, world class outcomes, right from the start.

The Cummings Design approach is similar to that of the golden age of the world's leading advertising agencies, design firms, and PR firms, when winning strategies and solutions were given far more serious consideration - and legal departments and other advisors were more closely engaged to reduce risk.

With Cummings Design, you can expect the depth of thought, insight, and comprehensive strategic solutions that might come from the golden age of advertising, or from a brilliant and forward-thinking, yet seasoned and experienced CEO, or an agency superstar. Fully conceived, effectively executed, with little if anything left to chance.

Visit our online store to see how we work and our approach to work.

Payment works like a doctor visit. Learn more >>

Brilliant ideas are much better than cute headlines.

An ad agency discovered that taking two Alka-Seltzer could be beneficial without harm, and recommended that the packaging directions and advertising suggested to the consumer to always take two. This take two concept, along with other applications for the product (not just for headaches but also hangovers and other uses), nearly doubled Alka-Seltzer sales. In other words, ideas that go far beyond catchy slogans and translate into real opportunity.

We work with companies of all sizes that have a realistic budget, an open mind, and a desire to do things right - the first time.

For example:

! SpecialtyMatch Network came to us thinking it wanted to develop a series of upscale niche matchmaking (online dating) Sites. They ended up with a concept for Sites dedicated to social networking - a much broader and much more powerful concept. Our social networking concept increased the value of the dating Sites while it enabled the entire concept to be more appealing to a much wider audience.

! N.V. Perricone MD cosmecuticals came to us wanting to improve its web Site and online store. The concept we developed and implemented enabled visitors to create a Personal Prescription online. This helped transform the N.V. Perricone MD from a $2,500/month e-commerce web Site to a $350,000/month web Site in just four months.

! medicinenet.com came to us wanting to improve its search engine visibility. Our recommendations led to a revamping of the way the information was presented, making the Site far more useful, and ultimately to it becoming a WebMD company.

We have many other similar client stories.

It costs more - but not much more - to do things right. It costs much more to do things wrong. Learn more now about avoiding risks.

We analyze the direct competition as well as others (indirect) who are competing for the same dollar.

For example:

  • The movie theater is an indirect competitor to the video rental store.

  • The Internet is an indirect competitor to television programming.

  • Fast food outlets are indirectly competing with fine dining establishments.

  • Wash and wear fabrics indirectly compete with dry cleaning.

The fact is that you may have more competition than you thought.

We help define all the competitors and position your business to succeed in the marketplace with unique strategies and concepts.

We leave the kids at home.

Everyone involved with Cummings Design has over 15 years of experience, and some much more. Rob Cummings has been in the business since 1979.

We're old enough to avoid mistakes, wise enough to judge a fad from a trend, hip enough to cater to any market, and experienced enough to know right from wrong.

If you're reading this and don't think we can create for a youth market, see this.

Our work is appropriate to the target market and therefore we have no style, other than the 'correct style' and the proper approach.

Don't take us the wrong way, kids can have great ideas, and we love working with them... but they lack experience.. and increase the risk of error. We do not believe any company wants to increase risks, and this is why many companies hire us to help even where we are not actually doing the work.

Based on research and analysis combined with years of experience, we are able to discover opportunities by viewing your business and industry from the outside, far away from your industry, and away from any preconceptions, internal office politics, and other factors that may be holding you back.

Visit our online store to see how we work and our approach to work.

We help you win, not just play.

We look at your business and industry from an open-minded and creative point of view, do the required research, then list and identify those areas where your business can grow - and how it can grow based on true competitive advantage.

In the process, we uncover possible courses of action where there is little or no additional cost of implementation that we may also take advantage of.

In addition, along the Murphy's Law line of thought, we constantly assess the potential for risk and liability in all aspects - including but not limited to avoiding trademark problems and other issues many 'creative' firms might overlook.

True competitive advantage beats catchy headlines, flashy graphics.

Catchy headlines and 'cute' solutions are easy. Our competitive strategies are thoughtfully conceived, thorough in every detail, and based on your company's strengths and capabilities. 

Often, we discover new opportunities to expand in your marketplace (or to other related markets you may not have considered), or to add value to an existing product or service, or to re-purpose an existing product or service.

Sometimes our recommendations take advantage of weaknesses that we recognize in your competition. Rarely do our recommendations involve outrageous ad or other spending - and often no significant spending at all.

Normally we provide strategic business development as part of the deal, and especially where we are called upon for business consulting or advice.

If we see nothing else your business can do to grow or expand based on its existing strengths and capabilities, we will let you know before we even get started.

Other aspects of winning strategy.

True competitive advantage is the big idea, though we also help in other ways too. Like developing better and more efficient production methods, streamlining internal and external processes and procedures, improving customer service while reducing costs, developing more fool-proof methods to maintain trade secrets, and helping develop and implement ways to run business smarter and with reduced risk.


Visit our online store to see how we work and our approach to work.

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