Laymans Guide Suicide Chapter 18

Notes and Writing Tips

Finally you can show everyone that you really could write!

Spelling, penmanship, and presentation really count, which adds even more pressure as you pen this, your last literary work Open to public scrutiny, your suicide note will be read by everyone from family and friends to police investigators, and, if you do it right, may even be reprinted in local papers!

Hastily scratched, incoherent scribbling on the back of a brown paper bag or old utility bill just won’t do, at all. You want to draft a simple, concise, yet poignant note that covers everything (since there won’t be any further editing).

If you’re a poor writer, borrow someone’s else’s pen and paper. If you’re a really bad writer, consider recording onto audio or video tape.

Be sure to write for your intended audience.

If you’re killing yourself for someone else (or a group), LET THEM KNOW by clearly spelling out their misdeeds and wrongdoings, and by referring to them by name (first and last) with address if at all possible.

Think about where to leave it (critical).

You might leave your note in a conspicuous area where it will be sure to be seen and read like the kitchen table, taped to the fridge, or on the top of the toilet seat. For more of a surprise, you might roll it up and put it inside the sugar bowl, or tuck it into the car ashtray (if the car is not involved in your technique, or you are absolutely sure that the car will survive your technique).

Taping the note to your body doesn’t always work that well (depending on technique), and writing the note on your hand is juvenile. If you have time, and it’s all about a loved one, you might key your final thoughts into their passenger door, or write it in permanent marker on their house (if space permits).

You might get creative and hire a skywriter, but then again, how well that can be read depends on many variables – and it doesn’t last. On the other hand, you won’t either.

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