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Orange County Southern California Business Consultant, Business Writer, Advisor, Design Firm - and more.

A Business Consultant who truly understands business.

Rob Cummings has been helping inspire smarter creative and business decisions since 1979.

Rob (and those he recommends) help people see things most others overlook - and things work out a lot better.

Rob and those he recommends know about a lot of things and that's the value we bring to business development as well as business problem resolution. See Rob's Bio >>

Helping make the right choices - since 1979.

Rob has been helping develop and inspire smarter creative and strategic business solutions since 1979. He's done a lot and seen a lot, good and bad, and learned a lot.

With a unique approach, Rob treats design as one small component of business, and insures intelligent engineering fortifies every aspect of a business and its design.

Today, along with experienced, very smart and talented professionals Rob recommends, we help people worldwide online or by phone with a proven method and process that guarantees success - no matter what we do with you or how we help you. One of the premium companies that Rob recommends is Lien Design, a graphic design, branding, and package design company in San Diego California. Lien Design has been creating successful label design for brands since 1997. As an award-winning graphic design company, Lien Design stays on the cutting edge of package design, and has over 17 years of creating food and beverage label designs that sell!

We found the best way to get down to business is by not leaving your desk - anywhere in the world.

You'll be amazed at the speed and quality of working entirely online.
What we used to do in person, we now do
entirely online, faster and better.

Since 1979, Cummings Design has provided complete solutions:

  • trademarks If you are having a trademark problem, click here >>

  • company, brand, product, service naming

  • brand management and development

  • marketing

  • promotional copywriting, business writing and business plan writing

In a broad array of media:

  • corporate identity

  • advertising

  • marketing programs

  • sales programs

  • promotion

  • packaging

  • photography

  • graphic design

  • copywriting

  • video TV radio

  • internet

while helping companies make the right choices in many disciplines:

  • business decisions and strategies

  • contracts and agreements

  • vendor qualification

  • investigations

  • negotiations, dispute resolution and avoidance

  • tax-preferred flexible and safer structuring

  • process streamlining

  • best practices, processes, procedures

  • business development, alliances and affiliations

Over 30+ years, we've seen a lot of great 'plans', and a lot of poor ones, and the realization came that no one has a magic pill, and good things take the time they take.

We focus on trademark and business problem help and brand name packaging design.

The business solutions, strategies, concepts we inspire and develop together:

  • perform better

  • work longer

  • work more reliably

  • work more effectively

  • have greater lifespan

  • have increased flexibility or scalability

  • are easier to service

  • are easier to administrate

  • cost less

  • limit risks

  • make sense in every respect





Our billing method is unmatched for all we know and all we can do for you.

We work with people to help make the right choices across the board.

We know a lot, you do too, and no one can really 'do it for you' without you understanding what's being done and why, so the way we work is realistic.

The reason our work 'works' is simple: we think a lot harder, about everything, with you.

Together we explore, assess, and analyze options, alternatives, and contingencies to reach the very best solution, the one that will work out best in each and every respect.

Email exchanges (rather than meetings or phone calls) are the most productive, and via email primarily, we progress in the fastest, smartest, most cost-effective way.

We also help save the environment, avoid traffic or delayed flights, and speaking of flights, since we only accept credit cards, many get air miles, card perks and rewards.

Years of expert experience, online, anywhere in the world, in disciplines that are diverse yet all add up to the bottom line. If you like the idea, please contact us.

Even more, probably too much, about us, for the curious...

Cummings Design provides advertising agency, design firm, branding, trademark, business, and public relations firm services for clients around the world via Internet, and for clients locally in Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, City of Industry, Los Angeles, Carlsbad, San Diego, and other nearby Southern California cities including Carlsbad, La Jolla, and San Diego.

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