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Print designer, packaging designer, logo design, graphic design in all media.

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Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience.

Led by a highly professional and experienced senior level graphic designer and copywriter with the skill set normally found only in a leading international design firm, Cummings Design is a graphic design firm that can offer across the board design solutions with everything considered - in print, packaging and new media.

Rob Cummings is a professional Orange County Southern California graphic designer, writer, business consultant, trademark consultant - and more - in all media.

The 'more' is what makes the difference in improving outcomes.

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Once you read our Client Stories, you'll never settle for ordinary.

Rob Cummings and those he recommends bring broad experience that results in far more consideration than a typical ad agency, graphic design firm, or public relations firm.

Short list of graphic design firm services:

  • Logo and brand development

  • Corporate Identity systems

  • Trademarks, company, and product naming

  • Packaging

  • Sell sheets

  • Promotion

  • Direct mail

  • Web Site design and development

  • Exhibit and trade show graphics

  • Printing, vendor selection, follow-through

Rob and those he recommends provide design firm, advertising agency services (and more) for clients everywhere - most not in Orange County, and many not even in California or the United States.

Through extensive use of the Internet to expedite processes and procedures, Rob and those he recommends work as effectively for clients around the country and world as for those in Orange County, Southern California.

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The work is delivered faster and more efficiently,
with greater focus towards objectives, and without wasted time in meetings, without driving in Southern California traffic, without travel expenses, airports or hotels, and, via email, without toll charges.

Working on an ongoing month-to-month or on a per project basis, Rob and those he recommends can single-handedly provide an extensive range or services that encompass the normal job descriptions of Creative Director, Art Director, Marketing Communications Director, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Business Consultant or Advisor.

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What you don't know about graphic design can hurt you.

Graphic design involves creative, legal, and technical aspects.

Many are falling short, and clients fail to understand why.

Creative should involve research and analysis to define the problem and develop the best and most effective solution based on numerous criteria.

Legal should help avoid or limit any risks or liabilities in relation to trademarks, copyrights, and industry-specific laws regarding claims and other aspects.

Technical skills, knowledge and experience (or lack of) are the reason that printed pieces do not print well. This is most often not the fault of the printer.

Graphic designers today do much of the pre-press work, yet few graphic designers have any technical knowledge. The result? 

Photos print soft and out of focus, colors are off, print quality is poor, papers for packaging are incorrectly chosen and fall apart. Though the printer is often blamed, it is the lack of knowledge of the printing process on the part of the graphic designer that is to blame. Don't settle for second rate.

Rob Cummings as virtual Creative Director, a brief case history:

In the Internet age, it's more possible and cost-effective than ever to have an off-site
Creative Director, Art Director, Marketing Communications Director, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, and Business Consultant do everything a company needs - or at least help in areas needed.

For 2 1/2 years, Rob personally provided 40 hours/ month for Benwin, a reasonably well funded start-up. As a start-up from scratch, Benwin required a lot of work in a very short time frame. Rob created and/or managed all of the work.

40 hours/ month covered everything the startup needed to launch and perpetuate the momentum:

  • advertising, marketing, promotion

  • packaging, owner's manuals, collateral

  • trade show exhibits, building banners

  • copywriting and high-level marketing strategy

  • business consulting

  • vendor selection, management, negotiation

40 hours/ month was a great deal for Benwin, and a great deal of work.

The reason it worked, (and Rob still had time for other clients), is that clients rarely see Rob - except maybe for lunch.

The work is done almost exclusively via the Internet, faster, at reduced cost, with greater accuracy, and without the need for face to face meetings, presentations, and other aspects that are difficult to schedule and generally waste time.

Pop up the story to see and read about how this began and how it might work for you, or click here to buy a month now.

An excellent fit to any team's efforts, all your graphic design needs are met on a near-immediate basis from a single source. This means no need to manage multiple vendors or graphic designers in a variety of media which often wastes time and money.

The New Shape of Sound Music Video
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If you liked the video, you might want to learn about and see other things Rob did as off-site Creative Director by clicking here.

Rob's work extends far beyond the typical graphic designer.

A combination of graphic designer,
copywriter, business consultant, and marketing strategist, Rob works in all media related to graphic design  including web design, logo design, identity, brand creation and brand development, video & tv, retail packaging design, promotional design, sell sheet copywriting and design, exhibit design, product design, business development and presentations.

Rob also helps source vendors including printers and large format digital photographers in Orange County Southern California and around the world. He negotiates prices, can provide pre-press and on-press approvals for print and packaging (for clients in Orange County Southern California), and offers numerous other services that relate to graphic design including company and product naming, trademarks, and much more.

The right training, background, and approach.
Fortunate to have been raised in Northern Westchester County (50 miles north of NYC), fortunate to have been trained by some of the world's leading graphic designers, and fortunate to have received a full scholarship from the leading design and marketing school on the east coast, Rob is a graphic designer who understands business, psychology and people.

The work of those by whom Rob was trained is timeless and outstanding and includes the branding for Mobil Oil, NBC, and American Airlines, in addition to numerous others. These leading world-renowned designers as well as others helped Rob develop his professional approach to problem solving.

Rob was trained and influenced by graphic designers who changed the world of graphic design including Massimo Vignelli, Lou Dorfsman (then VP/CBS),  Herb Lubalin, Tom Geismar & Ivan Chermayeff. These are the graphic designers who created the logos, images, and brands above, and who taught Rob how to think about and develop graphic solutions that are memorable, translate in all media, and which are timeless. Click here to see some of the great achievements of other renowned graphic designers in a timeline of modern graphic design history.

Knowing how to develop and judge creative solutions.
From these leading graphic designers and others, Rob learned a method he uses to create, arrive at, and judge solutions.

Rob's approach and methodology has little to do with personal taste or preference and a great deal to do with thorough research, analysis, exploration, marketing and competitive strategy, positioning and branding. The best solution is often the simplest solution, yet to edit thoughts and concepts down to their essence requires extremely careful thought and an analytically creative mind.

See Rob's Bio and learn more. Click here.
Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience.

A marriage of copy and design.
Atypical of many graphic designers today, Rob is equally adept at copywriting as well as design, production and much more.

To successfully create a brand image, position a company, and communicate with an audience, a graphic designer must also be an excellent communicator. Realizing this, Rob does the work of a copywriter and graphic designer at the same time.

By doing the work of a copywriter and graphic designer at the same time, Rob is able to make all the pieces fit together seamlessly, create better campaigns with greater focus, avoid errors, and produce better outcomes.

A surprising number of graphic designers are not also copywriters, many are not good at spelling, some get caught up in trends or fads, and a disturbing number are unaware of the history of graphic design and/or what separates a poor or proficient graphic designer from a great graphic designer. While computers have been a boon to the graphic design business, they have also helped erode the credibility of the professional graphic designer. Without any certification program, it has become easy for many to perform the duties of a graphic designer (on a technical level), yet only a select few have the sensibility, training, and experience required to create solutions that are timeless and of greatest value to the client. 

Knowledge and experience in all media.
Knowing the technical aspects of all media is important to being able to develop solutions that cost-effectively translate across all media. Rob is sure to factor these in to save money and insure his results can easily be reproduced in any media. Many graphic designers today do not understand all media and therefore do not account for this in their design solutions.

A professional graphic designer who is finished building his portfolio is much better for your business.
After more than 27 years, Rob is no longer building his portfolio.
While the less experienced graphic designer often focuses more on building a 'pretty' portfolio than achieving a positive result and outcome for the client, Rob's entire focus is on client goals and objectives.

If all you seek is a 'pretty' design, without strategy and without a great deal of thought, you should not contact Rob. Though Rob's rate remains at $95/hour, you will likely be satisfied with a less costly alternative.

"Rob is easy, fast, and fun to work with, however, he takes graphic design - as a selling tool - very seriously."

You should contact Rob if you want great copywriting, graphic design that lasts for years and never looks dated, and solid marketing concepts based on research, analysis and competitive strategy.

A sampling of Rob's work appears below on this page.
To see everything else Rob does in relation to advertising, marketing, branding, positioning, and in a variety of media, click here.

High level creative solutions, designed to last and get results.

A graphic designer who works in all media, as Rob does, can facilitate translating graphic design created in one media to all media, planning ahead, and saving a great deal of time and money.

Rob's work as a graphic designer involves in-depth research and analysis of each situation to develop a solution that is rational, logical, appropriate, affordable, and achieves all goals and objectives.

The retail packaging for Naturebright may be appealing, and  the look on the shelf is important, yet Rob marries copywriting and design so that the retail packaging 'speaks' to the consumer at the point they are making the decision to buy. See the retail package large enough to read. You will see that the copywriting reflects the design and the design reflects the copywriting. With the opening headline 'Bathe in the natural color of daylight', Rob distills the essential feature of this lamp to a single phrase. The other features and benefits are equally clear, quick to read and understand, and appealing to the consumer.

Graphic design must include writing that is clear and concise and informs, sells and persuades.

While the NatureBright logo above 'looks like light', the positioning statement Experience the true color of natural light positions the company and describes the feature of all NatureBright full spectrum light products.

Since Rob is a copywriter and graphic designer, his copy fits the design and his graphic design fits the copywriting.

Audience appropriate, market driven, every project has its own unique look and feel.
There's no specific style to Rob's graphic design since the type of graphic design Rob does is always appropriate to the intended audience.

If there is a 'look' to describe all of Rob's work, the look is clean and clear, professional.

'Swiss', 'classic', or 'sophisticated' might also describe Rob's style.

One of the unique benefits of Rob's approach is that it makes companies and products appear to be 'familiar', even if they are brand new. Without being overly faddish or trendy, Rob's solutions give companies and products a look of value and stability.

The name and the trademark.
Rob also helps name products and companies, developing memorable names and product/service naming conventions.

Rob helps create fanciful or coined names that offer the highest levels of trademark strength and protection as well as many features others may not take into consideration.

With Rob's help and advice, Kwong Quest became Benwin, NatureBright had no name and would have had trademark issues with the names it originally selected (another area of Rob's expertise); Eclipsys and ESSENTUALE and keyword.com were born.

Rob works directly with you without an agent or account rep.
Rob personally creates nearly all the design for Cummings Design, working directly with your senior management, marketing, sales, management, and PR team to achieve their objectives, not Rob's. If you have an in-house graphic designer, use another graphic designer, or web designer, Rob can consult and is great to work with.

Rob helps everyone make the right decisions.
Throughout the process of exploring and refining solutions, Rob understands that a graphic designer needs to clearly communicate with everyone and achieve the support of all involved. Some may like blue better than green, however, everyone appreciates a solution that they understand and have been a part of.

The simple RE was a memorable solution for Trenwick, a reinsurance company.

From beginning to end, Rob helps everyone involved understand potential solutions, the justification for them, and the reasons behind them. All likes, dislikes, and opinions are considered, however, Rob initially sets the judgment criteria based on goals and objectives rather than personal preference. Also, unlike some graphic designers, Rob has no ego about his own work. His entire focus is on achieving the best solution based on well-defined client goals and objectives.

The consultation Rob provides helps clients evaluate and judge alternatives, and may be as valuable as the work itself.
Rob will help your management team judge design solutions by strategic rationale, rather than by what colors Rob or others might like best, or other criteria that don't really matter. He helps team members determine the approach that is most likely to produce the most profitable and effective result - and works until all agree and support the solution.

If you want graphic design that generates immediate results and profits, a graphic designer who is fast and easy to work with yet serious and professional, and you have a realistic budget, Rob Cummings is the graphic designer to call on.

Rob works effectively for clients everywhere.
By email and Internet, Rob can work with you in Orange County Southern California as easily as if you are located around the globe. Many of Rob's clients are not in Southern California.

Client 'meetings' take place on the Internet rather than face-to-face, which helps expedite the process and enables more effective and documented communications via email. Rob's thorough approach to client and vendor communications help teams collaborate no matter where they are located.

What Clients say about Rob and Cummings Design:
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Contact Rob to find out what he can do for you - no matter where you are located.

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A professional Orange County Southern California Graphic Design Firm.

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