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Web-based businesses - how they work and what they can do.

This first slide is the longest, yet covers the most important aspect of this presentation.

Why is it that when you search for a brand name product, the top result is so often not what you expect?

Many Sites have lost focus on what the Internet does best - which is efficiently distribute information.

Why are so many Sites trying to imitate television?

Probably because management likes the flash, feels that flash enhances the brand, and does not realize this often results in reduced functionality or no functionality.

Pages created in Flash, images, and text as a graphic, are entirely invisible to the search engines.

Do you want your Site to be invisible?

This 'invisibility' is the reason that when you search for something as ordinary as 'Campbells Cream of Celery Soup', the first result is either a distributor, an online store, or anything but the actual Campbells Cream of Celery Soup web page. Try it in GOOGLE.

Is not being found GOOGLE's fault?

No. It's the result of management's misunderstanding about what most consumers do with the Internet, which is search... and it is easily fixed.

Other large commercial Sites have design schemes where every page has the exact same name (URL address).

When every web page on a Site has the exact same URL, like Moet, (and many more on the Internet), there is no reasonable way to send others to any specific page on the Site.

Since every page has the same address, you cannot email a link, tell people the page address by phone, or send them to that page via any other means - other than click-by click instruction i.e. '"go to, then click the link 'VISIT MOET.COM (US)', then click the picture of the champagne bottle under the words 'discover our champagnes', then click 'White Star' on the list on the right of the picture on the next page, then mouse over the image of the bottle that slides out from the left..."

This greatly hinders the marketing potential of the Site.

If your Site suffers from the 'every page has the same name' syndrome, and for suggestions on how to make it more effective, efficient, and more appealing to your customer's needs, contact us for solutions and ideas.

Okay, so the only reason this page was long, was if your website is not being found by Google, and some other search engines, with keywords your customers use, not industry terms you only know, your website is a waste of time.

The rest of the slideshow talks about saving time by using proven technology, and coupling that with a variety of common sense processes, procedures and methods.

Ever think of all the other processes you could streamline from your web Site?


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