Everyone uses search engines
to find products, services, businesses.
Google and Yahoo are the major search engines most people use.

You could send people to your Site,
however, you could be getting
much more new business if
people searching can find your Site.

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Why are you building a web Site, and what is the expectation of its performance?

Most companies want people to find their web Site through searches in the search engines - among other things.

But there are no 'other things' if no one visits your web Site since they cannot find it. Some common mistakes include naming all of the pages with the name of your company. 

The first few pages will discuss the foundation, which is being found in the search engines. From there, this will discuss other things a web Site can and should do.

For many companies with web Sites, (including Fortune 500's), how to 'be found' in the search engines remains an unsolved mystery. I can help solve this mystery.

You probably would not be reading this page if this Site was not found in the search engines.

The result of not being found in search engines?
The result is no traffic, or traffic that only comes from heavy media expenditure. Not being found in search engines is as good as having a new television show on a channel no one knows about. No one sees it, no one finds it, no response - unless you specifically direct people to your web Site which is far from ideal.

Where should your Site appear in the search engine rankings?
If your web Site does not appear on the first page of results in Yahoo or Google (when you search for keywords your potential customers might), your web Site is not working... unless all you want is a web Site that people must be told to go to from other sources - in the media, or by phone, or promotion - rather than find it on their own.

Not being easily found in the first pages of search results eliminates the possibility that new prospects you are unaware of targeting will find you, your products, and your services - so likely you are losing business if you are not appearing in the top of search results - and you may be losing that business to your competitors.

Aren't the Sites at the top of the search engine results paying to be there?
No, not this Site, and not the majority. Sites written and designed for the search engines rise to the top. You cannot pay for top placement but you can achieve it.

There are many myths and mysteries about search engine optimization.
To resolve all, there is no 'quick fix' and the technique to use does not involve any code or meta tags but professional expert search engine optimization works every time.

If you wish to learn quickly what to do to make your pages appear at or near the top of search engine results and do the work on your own, learn more about the search engine optimization reports.

Why are some Sites always at the top of search engine rankings?
The process of search engine optimization involves serious research, hard work, an understanding of how search engines work, a knack for knowing the keywords and keyword phrases that people will search for in relation to your specific business, along with talent in putting all of this together.

Wouldn't you prefer to have qualified prospects find your web Site at the exact time that they are searching for your products and/or services?
Being on the first page of non-sponsored, non-paid search engine results has tremendous benefits and great value. The greatest value comes from having 'ready to buy' prospects.

For example, Cummings Design does not need to do any other promotion outside of its web Site since all its clients some from finding Cummings Design through searches.

Once on the Cummings Design Site, prospects learn everything about the company, can see the work, can read about the services, and can even see what Rob Cummings looks like. It is 'the next best thing to being there'.

Many corporate Sites today are not very effective, starting with not being found in the search engines.

The first level of frustration
(that can be avoided):
How often have you been frustrated searching for a product or service (especially one that you know exists) and not being able to find it?

Without search engine optimization, the only way prospects know to go to your company web Site (or that the Site even exists) is by being directed to the Site from other media (like ads or direct mail which is costly and less effective since it is 'offline'); or by calling the company (after hopefully finding the company in the yellow pages), and then asking for the web Site address.

The second level of frustration (that can be avoided):
After you find a Site, how often are you unable to get the information you need to make a buying decision? Many Sites lack detail about the company, or specs, or location(s), and/or photos (if you need to see the product or the facility).

Rob can help you write your Site content and 'search engine optimize' as a consultant, or by doing it for you, using proven methods that are logical and practical.

If you wish to do it all in-house or on your own, please click here.

Best of all, Rob's methods will keep your Site from the dreaded 'de-listing' that can happen from improper search engine optimization.

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