A broad range of services.

The leading reason to choose us is our comprehensive approach based on many years of experience.

We look at the big picture in everything we do.

  • Avoid problems

  • Avoid risks

  • Reduce costs without sacrificing quality

  • Do things properly the first time

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Just because we can do it all does not mean that we cannot perform a-la-carte, but it does mean we won't overlook important aspects you may not have considered.

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Can one person do all of this?

With over 27 years of very broad experience, Rob works directly with you and your Company.

With strong business and marketing skills, and experience in all media, Rob personally enables, directs, creates, provides and/or manages all the key ingredients of successful business - and has answers to many of the questions you may have.

One Client remarked 'people won't believe you do all of this. I didn't believe it until I saw it'.

Is one that does all better than many?
Yes, in many cases.

The problem with ad agencies, design firms, and business consultants is that they require a team.

Often the team consists of an account representative, a business consultant, a writer, print designer, web designer, and possibly others. Communications between these team members is difficult and time consuming. Office politics erode solutions. Focus and time is lost. Few if any of the team members have any inherent interest in your success.

The quality of leading business consultants, ad agencies and design firms... faster and better.

Rob does (or manages) all of the work of leading business consultants, ad agencies, pr and design firms at once, working directly with you and your staff. This results in clear communications, greater focus, more goals and objectives being met at one time, and much better outcomes.

Rob is also an experienced project manager.

Having worked closely with management, creative, financial and technical talent for over 27 years, whether Rob does the work himself, or as part of a team, you can rest assured that the focus, objectives, schedule and budget will all be met.

Rob knows when others are needed to accomplish objectives and works well with others to make sure all communications are clear and projects remain focused and on track.

Across-the-board media and complete solutions.

By being proficient and knowledgeable in all media, Rob plans everything in advance - so the creative produced in one medium is easily  translated across all media at significant cost savings and with better coordination.

  • all printed materials

  • web

  • video

  • television

  • multimedia - CD-ROM, DVD and other

  • sales and marketing tools

  • training tools (both printed and Intranet-based)

  • sales scripts

Since practically all of the copy is written, edited or directed by Rob while the various media are being developed, your messaging is clear and consistent across the board as well, right down to scripts for answering phones. Consistency is the key to being perceived as strong, reliable and stable.

Always working in your best interests.

Rob is an unbiased consultant with no hidden agenda, no industry affiliations. Therefore he:

  • does not accept commissions from vendors

  • negotiates contracts with suppliers and vendors

  • sets up direct payment between Clients and vendors

  • helps Clients choose and assess vendors

  • has no bias in vendor selection other than making sure the vendor is committed and qualified

Better across-the-board communications.

Rob and those he works with use the Internet and other cost-saving and effective methods to insure that your entire Company, subsidiaries, departments and others are always up to date. We keep you off the phone and plane, more productive and efficient.

  • Travel expenses are dramatically reduced

  • Communications are expedited

  • Phone expenses are reduced

  • Everyone is on the same page

  • Everyone is speaking the same language

  • Everyone is working as a unit

  • All can be updated at any time, any place

  • Information is at everyone's finger tips

Honesty, experience, knowledge, integrity.

Rob has worked with many Companies and has gained great knowledge and experience since he started his innovative across-the-board marketing firm in 1979.

Rob understands the fundamentals of best business practices, has a keen eye for weak links, and knows what it takes to succeed. He also spends a great amount of his time remaining abreast of the latest developments in all business-related areas.

Rob will not take you on as a Client unless he is sure he can provide a positive outcome, on time and within budget. Once he does take you on as a client, he will be clear, concise and always work in your best interests.

Quality service, anywhere in the world.

The majority of Cummings' Clients are scattered around the Country (and in other Countries).

Most Clients have never met Rob in person yet all their work was completed on time, within budget, and without miscommunication.

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