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Rob Cummings

Search engine optimization
is a technique and method.

My report will explain the
SEO technique and
enable your staff to write
for the search engines,
understand search engines,
and think like your
prospects using the
search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization | Top search engine results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique and method to achieve top non-paid search engine results and appear on the first pages of search engine results.

I am a Search Engine Optimization specialist and strategist, helping Sites achieve top search engine results and rankings that are real, non-paid and non-sponsored. These are the results you want.

About my search engine optimization report:

My search engine optimization and strategy report is specific to your business and your industry.

Reading the search engine optimization report I develop (typically 15-25 pages), will enable your staff to become proficient in search engine optimization.

It will enable you or your staff to write and design pages that appear higher (if not at the top) of major search engine results - without paying for clicks or position - and without the need to pay me.

My report will explain search engine optimization for your Site along with analysis, recommendations, and strategies specific to your Site, your business, your market, your industry, and your competition.

Written in plain and easily understood language, and based on my proven methods and techniques, the SEO report I provide will make clear exactly what needs to be done to achieve top search engine result position to all involved - management, your IT department, web developers, designers, sales and marketing directors, and writers.

My report is for the many clients that prefer to do the work of search engine optimization on their own and explains how to think about search engine optimization and what I would do if I did the search engine optimization for them.

Specific to your business, your market, your industry.
Since each business, market and industry differs, I do the research necessary to develop a search engine strategy specifically for your business, market, and industry. To achieve top search results it is critical to analyze your competition and your prospective customer base. It is critical to understand the keywords and phrases prospects may be entering to find your products and/or services. It is also critical to know the type of information prospective buyers need when they find your Site in order to make a buying decision. This is included in my report and helps you achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Written examples, explanation, and rationale.
Every recommendation in my report includes an explanation and rationale which will make sense to you and all involved.

Aside from revealing my safe, logical,  time tested and proven search engine optimization techniques, the search engine optimization and strategy report I develop for you will contain one or more written examples of text that currently appears on your web Site followed by my recommendations for search engine optimized text that contains the same content and meaning of the text on your web Site, yet is written for the search engines and search engine optimized.

By one or more written examples I provide (using text from your Site), your writers will quickly understand how to write for the search engines.

By explanation and example, my report will quickly enable your IT people to understand how pages may need to be reworked and help them develop strategies to expedite and manage the SEO process, which is fairly simply accomplished in the majority of cases. 

The way the report is written, my search engine optimization analysis and report will help all involved in the search engine optimization process to understand what needs to be accomplished immediately to achieve top search result ranking and to collaborate and work together in a focused effort to make your pages climb in the search results and appear at or near the top of web search results.

The report will also include advanced competitive strategies and concepts that you can implement now (or in the future).

My search engine optimization technique (at the more advanced level which you will read if you buy my report) goes well beyond 'basic' or  'normal' search engine optimization that others might recommend. The basic steps are normally all Sites need, however, the advanced and creative strategies I recommend position you for the future and provide you with methods to do much better against future competitors competing for top non-paid position.

My advanced SEO techniques are also safe, sensible, and creative. They will always help achieve higher search engine ranking while they help customers and prospects understand more about your company, its products and services, and streamline numerous time-consuming procedures relating to sales, marketing, and overall operations.

The majority of these advanced techniques and strategies also increase Site and page popularity, and in many cases, increase the number of Sites 'linking in' to your Site and pages. All of this drives more traffic and more qualified traffic and can be implemented long after the basic techniques or with them - at your option.

Build as you go.

With the report, your staff may choose to implement the basic strategies immediately and save the more advanced strategies for the future. Maintaining top search engine ranking is an ongoing process, though in nearly all cases the basic strategies I recommend will provide fast results (typically within 2-8 weeks).

By 'build as you go', I am suggesting that you make changes to your Site in stages (based on my recommendations) with the simplest changes first. In this manner you will see most immediate results and the changes can be implemented as time and resources allow.

Get started within 10 days (anywhere in the world).

The report can be in your email as a Word doc attachment within 10 working days. The report I provide is readily understood by all involved and in plain language. Few ever have any questions after reading my search engine optimization report.

There is no need to meet me or explain your business to me or meet with me. I will learn all I need from your web Site and the list of keywords and phrases described below. If I have questions, I will ask.

The small print.
I do not sell my search engine optimization report to other search engine optimization companies or individuals involved in providing search engine optimization since my reports are client specific.

If you buy my report, the only caveat is that you may only use my search engine optimization report and analysis and strategy for the Site you buy the report for, and you may not distribute my report for any purpose other than search engine optimizing the Site you buy the report for.

Getting started is easy.
To get started, all you need to do is develop a list of keywords relevant to your pages and your industry in order of importance - most important, relatively important, and least important - and email this list to me along with your Site URL.

Buy my report today, get started as soon as you read it.
Please contact me and include the URL of your Site along with your list of keywords and search phrases.

The cost of the report is in the online store. Check, Visa or MasterCard.

Since the report reveals all, payment must be made in advance.

Contact Rob to buy his search engine optimization report.

Have questions? See the SEO report FAQs.

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