Professional Meetings with Rob Cummings.

Rob Cummings

Preparing for a 'house call' that produces results.

If you wish me to visit your offices, I will be glad to, yet I charge my normal fees. The fees for 'office visits' are listed as 'consulting' here >>

You should know everything about me and what I can do for your company by looking around the Cummings Design web Site, now over 250 pages.

Also, you should know that I successfully work for many entirely via Internet.

With proven processes and procedures, many clients never meet me and the work proceeds immediately.

If you still want to see my face (other than in the picture above)...

1. Have me in last - after you have met with all the others.

If you are considering a number of resources, schedule me last. With over 27 years of very broad experience, I can help you assess the options.

As a professional consultant, I may tell you that another vendor - yes, even a competitor - might be your best choice.

My goal is to help you make the right choices, and if I am not the right choice, I will be the first to let you know.

2. Ask all of the questions you can think of.

As a professional consultant, you get the most of my time by asking questions. Prepare a list and we can go over all of them.

3. Create a list topics for discussion.

I've been in this business since 1979. I know the old ways, new ways, right ways and wrong ways of doing things. I can help you determine the best ways based on your budget and your situation.

I can also help you avoid making costly mistakes - and help you determine more cost-effective ways to meet your goals and objectives.

Helping people make the right choices is what my reputation is based on.

A good doctor listens first, analyzes, then acts. I work the same way.

In my work ethic, I prefer not to do the work at all rather than to do it 'half-baked'.

I am not going to try to 'sell you' at a professional meeting - though I will present options and alternatives, and help lead you to an informed decision.

Snap judgment nearly always results in overlooking important aspects.

Others may make flashy presentations and proposals to try to convince you that they have all the answers off the top of their heads, yet that is not the way I work.

If you went to a doctor with a pain in your arm and he instantly suggested surgery, wouldn't you be a bit leery of that snap judgment?

You should be.

If you seek a fast, not-well-thought-out solution, I am not the consultant for you.

On the other hand...

...if you want someone on your side, that truly has all of your best interests in mind, with experience, I am the consultant for you.

Have questions?

Talk to Rob about your project.

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