Problem Solving | Developing the Big Idea | Avoiding Risk

How to solve problems for better outcomes.

You want the big idea to sit high atop a very solid foundation.

When you solve problems from the bottom up, the big idea or ideal solution always rests on a very solid foundation, with little if anything overlooked.

If you fall into the 'solution first, justify later' trap, the only way your solution will succeed is either by sheer luck (might happen) or genius (rarely happens).

If you work bottom up, everything you do is justified, the solution is nearly guaranteed to work, and you'll almost always arrive at the best solution faster.

This works in every aspect of business, in any industry, and for life issues as well.

Try this problem solving method:

1. Research
Start without any preconceptions or personal preferences, with an entirely open mind. Try to forget everything you may already know. Make every effort to
learn everything you can that has any relation whatsoever to the problem.

2. Goals and objectives
Determine your exact goals and objectives based upon a realistic assessment of the situation that you should have been able to gather in step 1.

3. Ideal Solution Criteria
List every possible positive attribute the solution could have in an ideal world without disregarding any aspect or property. Remain extremely open-minded.

4. Develop a Library of Options
Based on what you now know from research and investigation in step 1, write down or draw every possible option that could have any or all of the properties of the Ideal Solution Criteria list from step 3. Remain extremely open-minded.

5. Analyze and assess.
Use your list of Ideal Solution Criteria to judge each option in the Library of Options you have developed. Determine the options that meet most or all of the criteria.

6. Choose the best ideas and concepts to refine.
Take the best options and refine them in order to better meet the Ideal Solution Criteria or to better meet your goals and objectives.

Even if your first thought turns out to be best, the 'criteria wringer' will confirm that it meets all of the goals and objectives with little if anything overlooked.

7. Execute the big idea or ideal solution, knowing it is the right idea.
You now know you have made the right choice.

Why solve problems and develop solutions this way?

  • Judge concepts and ideas far more effectively

  • Avoid preconceptions, personal preference, gut feeling

  • Make discoveries

  • Develop better and stronger ideas and concepts

  • Understand the real problem

  • Avoid overlooking important details

  • Avoid risk while being more assured of positive outcomes

  • Avoid jumping to conclusions and/or making assumptions

Let us help you think.

In the business world, a great deal of money is invested in ideas and concepts.

Success or failure rests on making all the right choices, which is what we help do.

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