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Our hourly billing and methods further explained:

How do we get started?

The secure online store converts international denominations in US dollars automatically.

Very simple and straightforward, hourly billing insures your best interests are served.

You book time online (Rob's or others he recommends) to initiate the project, the invoice number is the project number, the receipt arrives by email.

With the time booked in advance, Rob and those he recommends:

  • help by phone or via email (email recommended and preferred)

  • review documents (as attachments)

  • discuss, analyze and inspire

  • answer questions, ask questions

  • bring up issues and concerns

  • solve problems, help avoid problems

Like a good doctor, hour by hour we charge our normal rate to find out more about you, then with you we help determine the smartest and safest course of action. For this reason we rarely do proposals, estimates, or bidding of any sort. Once inside the project - normally after 1-3 hours - we can have a better idea of costs.

If we help with a trademark problem, though success fee arrangements will be considered (certain conditions apply), our minimum fee remains at minimum based on our
trademark help rate

As 'pure play' fee-only consultants we never sell you anything - except good advice. The 'deliverables' are nearly guaranteed solutions and strategies since we take just the right amount of time - no more, no less - with your input and participation.

Our system virtually eliminates accounting hassles and our step by step process guarantees a realistic approach to costs.

Our streamlined workflow, primarily by email, documents nearly all we do for your records and reference. And we help clients around the world regardless of time zone.

Smart and timely solutions, by email, straight to your desktop:

  • trademark and branding problems and solutions

  • product/service/company naming and name safety

  • business development

  • brand development

  • packaging and logistics

  • partnership, trade secret, other business agreements and methods

  • trade resources, services, protocols

  • answers, ideas, inspiration, tips, hints, tricks of the trade(s)







How payment works...  Book time now.

Your purchase books time, (Rob's or others he recommends), initiating a new project, or enabling a project to continue.

The online store creates the PN (project number required to get started), and places your project on the docket.

Clients around the world use the online store since it instantly does the currency conversion - and working by email and Internet, time difference is never a problem.

The online store enables all currencies, provides account history, eliminates billing surprises, keeps everything in order, and eliminates most accounting.

If you have an account, click here with your email address and pw for account access.

We serve each in turn (for the most part) excluding deadlines.
No accounting helps make this possible, our goal is to inspire you with brilliance, never mediocrity, in a timely manner that meets your needs, yet never can we guarantee immediate service unless in relation to a real 'no extensions of time available' deadline, which we never miss.

Note: Some clients get frequent flyer miles and other credit card benefits as well.








What happens when you pay:  Book time now.

Click the time sheet to get one.

You'll get two emails after checkout:

  • 1. Order Confirmation (when ordered - instantly)

  • 2. Your Order Has Been Shipped (when booked - usually same day)

    "Order Shipped" indicates the time for your project is booked.

"Order Shipped' means booked, a project number assigned by email in the invoice. We receive the same emails and place a copy in a yellow folder with a time sheet.

We process transactions promptly. All charges appear on your next statement as Cummings Design.

We advise yet most time deducted is self evident in email/phone exchanges.

Like a talk with a good doctor, talking to Rob and others he recommends is direct, interesting, inspiring, fun, informative - and mainly documented by email.

In email exchanges, we manage and resolve issues step by step.

Phone calls (rarely required) are available, though we find email most productive.

Big on percolating, extremely productive online, without accounting worries, we look into every aspect leaving no stone unturned.

(a) First impression, (b) stop, think, ponder a few days (c) think harder

We start thinking right away, and truly care, so you get free percolation.

Always meeting deadlines, we think we should think until we get it right.

If you work with anyone Rob recommends - same story - only smart people with years of experience. No kids - almost all have 15 years experience - at least.

Unlike others, no sales pitch, yet you are charged in 15 minute increments.

No bias, no commissions, no associations or alliances that could cause recommendation of any course other than the best course of action.

Often we talk people out of time and expense, rather than into it.

If you don't mind paying as you go, and like the free percolator, we're in.










What you pay for, and what you don't.

You never pay for:

  • toll charges

  • faxes and copies

  • meetings we don't attend

  • airfares we don't need

  • some percolation - all levels - (free)

  • things we talk you out of

What you pay for (by the 1/4 hour)*: Book time now.

  • phone calls - all (other than chit chat)

  • emails with reply - most

  • emails without reply that require consideration

  • running time for ongoing work discussed

  • office visits (never required)

* From time to time we simply skip time sheet entries (our option only).










How much does it should it cost? Book time now.

With our recommendations, clients have made multi-millions and saved multi-millions.

Working with us takes as long as it takes to do things right, and since you directly participate in the process, you see where time is needed as we go.

Like going to a good Doctor that truly has the patient's best interests in mind, our clients want us to be honest and not cut corners or take risks.

If we 'see something', our clients want us to 'say something' - and not just let it go.

On the other hand, clients we work with appreciate that we'll often recommend a simple 'change in diet' over 'blood tests and surgery' i.e. smarter, easier solutions.

Since we work 1:1 with you, we often find simpler, less costly, more effective solutions, which goes back to 'it takes the time it takes'. 

Booked hourly, based on what we know from life experience, we try to spend the 'right amount' of time in just the right areas to achieve the goal, without overlooking anything.

  • big picture to granular approach

  • hour by hour

  • step by step
  • explaining as we go
  • inspiring options
  • narrowing down alternatives
  • questioning
  • educating
  • helping make best decisions

Since we could never estimate the time to make the right choices, we simply don't.

To start, we inspire an exchange of ideas and considerations (mainly online).

We learn more and discuss what you need to do - and what you may not need to do - based on what's best for you - and your specific situation.

The exchange leads to final decisions and a 'written blueprint' that is well conceived and forms a very solid foundation for whatever we produce as a result.

The only possible way we can honestly have this exchange is hourly, so like a doctor, we choose to be paid hourly. Clients buy blocks of time.

If we arrive at a smart solution quickly, you could save a great deal.

If it turns out you need more help than you thought, it's still worthwhile.

It may cost more than you thought, but because the mutual objective is to make it work, if more time is required, you will know why and see the need.

With diligence, research and analysis, we look into, above, around, and under problems to develop the most ideal solutions. The definition of 'ideal' is never most expensive, always smartest.

Working together, we help develop safe, sound, solid, smart plans - with all things considered - fully documented - with options, alternatives, contingencies, backup plans.

Plans we help build assure sound foundations, often result in reduced costs, always minimized risk - present and future.

Start to work with us on anything from a trademark problem to a business plan and you will quickly understand all we cover, and why.

Our 'pay as you go' process enables you to choose any block of time you wish and see how much we can accomplish with it.

Like a visit to the doctor, the 'healthier' you are, the less time you'll need, and the 'pay as you go' process we developed is the only way that makes sense in achieving best outcomes.

Aiming for the right diagnosis. Book time now.

Like a doctor, at the moment we begin looking into your business, we have no idea what you really need - and - like a doctor, we wish to make the right diagnosis.

At the onset, we cannot even guess what steps we'll need to take.

Developing the 'right solution' is a process we'll engage you in - and the most important part is the beginning steps that set the foundation.

Like working with a doctor or coach, the faster the process goes, the less we cost - or vice-versa.

The true value is apparent immediately and over time - with inspired concepts never even imagined when people first decided to contact us. See client stories.

The online store: secured online transactions, state-of-the-art reporting, works worldwide.







Plopp plopp fizz fizz... why we work the way we do.

A long time ago, the makers of Alka-Seltzer« sold Alka-Seltzer as a single tablet. 

The makers of Alka-Seltzer«  came to Jack Tinker & Partners.

Instead of asking Tinker for an ad or catchy slogan, or eye catching package, the makers of Alka-Seltzer« asked how can we increase sales?

In other words, Alka-Seltzer«  asked for a 'solution' instead of an ad.

This open-ended question enabled Tinker to think much harder (without a piecemeal budget restraint), and think well beyond the ad or slogan, and well beyond changing the packaging colors, and far above 'typical' marketing.

Tinker recommended changing the directions on the back of the product packaging to say take two rather than take one. Taking two nearly doubled sales.

Based on a solid foundation and approach, Tinker went on to promote the take two concept with the catchy slogan 'plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is'.

Finally, Tinker promoted Alka-Seltzer« as a solution for many other ailments other than headaches - like hangovers or indigestion.


Truly brilliant solutions. Book time now.
By Rob Cummings

Brilliance in every aspect is what intrigues us and what we inspire - with you.

The best business solutions are real and tangible, honest and ethical, and based on great concepts and really smart strategies.

'Think tanks' may be passÚ yet quick minds have answers computers overlook.

While catchy slogans help (plopp, plopp), the best plans are based on true competitive strategy and brilliantly thorough and well conceived ideas brought to life.

Our systematic approach enables us to produce better outcomes >>

Brilliance sometimes comes to mind immediately, but more often than not, takes serious time, thought, and consideration.

Exploration always led to big ideas - yet doesn't happen as often as it should anymore.

My smartest clients let things 'take the time they take' saving money and/or getting a far better result and outcome.

Within reasonable budget restraints and hourly billing I work with people and have time for all the things that helped create truly great solutions throughout history:

  • exploration and experimentation 

  • analysis

  • discovery

  • testing

  • assessment

  • discussion and refinement

  • great ideas as opposed to 'a-la-carte' solutions to 'a-la-carte' problems

Since 1979, Cummings Design has inspired people (without specific budgets) to do some very smart things while avoiding risks, liabilities, errors and omissions.

"You brought up issues we never thought to ask about."

People come to Cummings Design when all their 'myths' have been shattered about the 'easy' way and they're ready to do things the right way at the "right cost".

I try to keep costs easy to afford, in line with value, and based on experience.

I think about a lot of things, and bring them up as we go, which is why I am not the one to shop price with. It's an hourly service.

I spend enough time so we all get a restful sleep - for years - like a good doctor - and if I recommend someone you can expect the same.

/rob cummings/

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