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A corporate facelift and makeover that really works.

Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - helping companies, attorneys, brand managers with an equal focus on sound strategy, clever approach, and safety.

I help with corporate facelifts and makeovers that go beyond skin deep.

Cosmetic solutions simply cover up larger issues.

Often the business has been around a while, the group has lost focus, and you're looking for a facelift that goes beyond cosmetic - whether the group knows it or not. That's what I help to do.

In many cases it's difficult to get the group to decide on where to go for lunch, much less the direction  to take the company.

To begin to analyze, I will send you a Business Plan Worksheet. I can meet with you, though it's often unnecessary.

The worksheet is free of charge, and we may never write a formal business plan - though we will make many decisions and discoveries in the process.

The Business Plan Worksheet includes:

  • what you do

  • who you were and are

  • where you want to go

  • the competition

  • the indirect competition

  • sales

  • operations

  • procedures and methods

  • and more

Like a Doctor's 'patient interview', the Business Plan Worksheet covers every aspect of your business. You fill it out the best you can, then send it back to me.

We send the Business Plan Worksheet (a Word document) back and forth a number of times, and:

  • comment

  • discuss

  • ask questions

  • bring up and resolve issues

  • develop criteria

  • assess the past and future

  • offer new concepts

  • make discoveries

  • make decisions

Once we feel we have all the answers, the Business Plan Worksheet (edited and refined) becomes the blueprint and leads to:

  • positioning

  • look and feel

  • tagline

  • corporate mantra

  • promotional and marketing materials

  • and everything else... often as granular as to how the phone is answered. 

A top to bottom approach that also may include:

  • new logo or update

  • new slogan or "tag line"

  • complete web overhaul

  • image makeover

  • fresh appearance to the market

  • increased staff and industry excitement

  • other features and benefits

The exercise is as valuable as the result.

Very comprehensive, the exercise is of equal or greater value than the outcome.

I say this because this process becomes a step-by-step group effort, where the group has made certain decisions that enable 'opinion-free' judgment. It's also exciting and stimulating since all participate.

Moving forward becomes easy since we have created and agreed upon a direction, goals, objectives and a course of action in virtually every aspect of the business.

Definition maintains focus, avoids clouded judgment, and diluted results.

Great ideas and judgments are based on the process...

  • Strategies developed based on thorough analysis

  • Risks minimized w/ contracts, agreements, methods, policies, procedures

  • Business problems avoided w/ best practices, policies, communications

  • Best outcomes are achieved by thinking everything through

"My partners and I like the no nonsense way you approach your job and you brought up points that we would have never thought to address."

What should a good business plan/strategy do for a project or business?

  • assure success with careful pre-planning

  • consider every aspect

  • outline the steps to take (and the order of steps)

  • become the 'blueprint' to follow

  • make a convincing 'case' for success

  • keep things on track

  • help maintain focus

  • determine best procedures

  • provide contingencies

  • define the opportunity in succinct layman's terms

  • assure investors (if necessary)

  • include a marketing plan

  • include a partnership agreement

  • include an exit strategy

  • define roles and responsibilities

  • more

"That's brilliant!"

The above is a real quote, however the 'brilliance' comes from an intelligent process that is inspiring and provokes brilliant thought and discovery.

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