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Hurry up Rob, I can't wait, please!?!?

Some walk-in 'patients' require immediate care...

The good news - I treat emergencies first. If you're a good client, I'll give you priority - nights, weekends, even some holidays - to meet your deadline.

The bad news - sometimes my 'emergency room' is more full than others, which backs up my schedule. Emergencies can delay less time-sensitive projects.

No project is unimportant to me - I do my very best - appreciate 'patients' with patience, yet realize some things cannot wait. If so, I may have a faster solution.

I don't want any patients waiting in my waiting room to long!

However, please understand I am always doing my very best. If it can't wait...

Please call me direct at 949.249.2519 9a-5p Pacific Time - or use this form.

Emergency response form:

Your name

Your email address

Your phone number [optional]

Your web Site address [optional]

Your comment, question, request, or project description.
If in regards to a trademark problem, please include the mark or serial number.

Cummings Design, located in Southern California, works almost exclusively via Internet for clients worldwide.

If you are a Vendor or Talent please do not call.
See our Vendor and Talent pages.

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