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The world's first Internet Keyword Service that required no browser affiliations, plug-ins, or machine modification.

Here's the story:, the first (and only) direct offline to online marketing solution.

Well before realnames (that raised $millions and then came and went), and MSN Internet Keywords, Rob Cummings created the first Internet Keyword service requiring no plug-ins or browser affiliations.

Launched in May of 1997, Rob Cummings wrote and conceived, designed, developed and launched the first free Internet Keyword service and multi-search engine Site - was the first Internet Keyword service that did not require plug-ins or browser affiliations and remains so today.

With 1,000s of unique visitors per day, and the ability to search with GOOGLE, continues to be a promotional tool and marketing vehicle for other properties Rob Cummings is developing, and a value to its members.

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