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We helped develop the Internet, Extranet and Patient, Physician, Employee and Community portals for the 1400 member hospitals Healthvision (formerly VHA) now brings together and serves. 

Rob helped lead and bring focus and harmony to this major project involving many individuals who handled many facets of the transition (from VHA to Healthvision).

Rob coordinated and directed over 50 staff members - sales, marketing, front and back end IT - in the writing and development of Healthvision's first public Internet Site and four Extranet portals - from his offices in Orange County, Southern California.

This began with a two day trip to Irving, Texas where Healthvision is headquartered. 

Rob conducted two days of meetings with all key Healthvision staff members as well as the Healthvision advertising agency.

The first day.
In the morning session of the first day, Rob's goal was to determine existing problems and issues which he did by making sure everyone felt comfortable and by conducting a very open and genuine meeting. In the afternoon session, Rob helped develop a plan of action and made sure all the heads of all the various departments - marketing, sales, front and back end IT - were in sync with the program, in agreement with all of the elements, processes, policies and procedures, and could work with the schedule.

The second day.
Rob returned the next morning the Healthvision's headquarters to meet with all individually (or in small groups) and confirm all remained in agreement with what had been discussed the day before, he then got back on a plane to Southern California.

After that, for the next few months...
From then on Rob managed the project entirely via Internet which was the only way to accomplish a project of this scope with so many participants in so many geographic locations and time zones.

Email enabled everyone to stay on track and communicate most effectively. Phone calls would have bogged the project down and it never would have been completed on time and with as few problems.

Via email, with processes and procedures Rob implemented and managed, everyone could respond when available, review previous emails to check progress and details, get new text and graphics, and remain on schedule and focused. 

Aside from handling numerous other details, Rob created the Healthvision logo below and the tag line 'Web enabled healthcare that works' plus other elements you can see by clicking here.

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