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We enabled N.V. Perricone MD to grow from a $2,500/month e-commerce Site to a $350,000/month web Site in just 3 months.

Clinical Creations manufactured a line of age-defying cosmeceuticals under the N.V. PERRICONE brand that was virtually unheard of when they came to us for help in increasing sales in the year 2000.

N.V. Perricone M.D. Cosmeceuticals has today become a household name in skin care, featured in stores such as Nordstrom and Sephora, and seen frequently in one hour specials on PBS.

We helped N.V. Perricone when it had just a four person office back in the year 2000.

Problems and issues quickly identified.

The former N.V. Perricone (Clinical Creations) web Site was difficult to navigate and did not give the company or its products the professional look required. It also did not help consumers understand the products.

There were problems with the e-commerce and order fulfillment systems. The office staff did not know how to effectively use the Internet and needed help with networking their offices. Customer product returns were the result of a lack of clear product information on the former web Site, as well as an unclear Site navigation system and process.

Solutions in many areas very rapidly and efficiently executed.

All of these problems and issues (and more) were resolved via processes Rob developed, a change in vendors, an entirely revamped web Site with retouched and clearer photos and more clearly written product descriptions, staff training and education on-site and off, technical and procedural support, strategies, and other techniques Rob employed to make the Company run smoother and more efficiently.

In its first three months - $2500/month to $350,000 month - and doubling.

With the changes Rob made, the N.V. Perricone Cosmeceuticals e-commerce site, (which had been generating only $2500/month in sales), was generating over $350,000/month in sales - and doubling every month.

The Site also helped train the staff and helped train retail consultants across the country.

Personal Prescriptions made a big difference.

New marketing strategies included complete product descriptions, a process for buyers to determine their own unique prescriptions on-line, and a full prescription concept. The 'full prescription' concept transformed buyers from buying just one product to buying a complete regimen. The full prescription concept generated $77,000 in sales alone during the first three months.

See the N.V. Perricone Site as Rob designed and wrote it.

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