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From true crime writer to television personality to host of her own true crime reality Show on USA Network, and more.

Here's the story:

Through redesigning and re-writing her web Site, we repositioned Aphrodite Jones from true crime author to true crime media authority.

Aphrodite Jones had made a name for herself as a True Crime writer.

With her Site, we helped reposition Aphrodite as a true crime 'authority' and television personality based on the research she did for her books, and her life experience. 

Aphrodite sent Producers to her revised web Site. On that 'introduction', Aphrodite sold a pilot, created and hosted her own one hour special which aired on USA Network, and continues to use the Site to promote herself and make more people aware of her.

A little over two years later, Aphrodite has made numerous television appearances, radio interviews, and is recognized as an expert on true crime and related subjects.

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