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We helped transform the initial concept for a niche dating site, improved it, developed new revenue streams, and strengthened it by suggesting the platform become social networking.

SpecialtyMatch Network came to us thinking it wanted to develop a series of upscale niche matchmaking (online dating) Sites.

In branding, trademark, naming, and logo(s) - we helped - yet we went far beyond the initial 'project description' - providing much greater overall value - which is what we do.

Bigger, better, smarter, broader - with numerous advantages.

Specialty Match ended up with a concept from us for Sites dedicated to social networking - a much broader and much more powerful concept.

Our social networking concept increased the value of the dating Sites - and any other web properties in the future - while it enabled the entire concept to be more appealing to a much wider audience - consumer and corporate - and continues to.

Problems and issues identified.

The greatest problem we helped overcome was the stigma associated with all dating Sites.

By changing this focus and position to 'social networking' from 'pure play niche dating', and 'getting together for business and other reasons aside from simply dating', i.e. the big idea of 'social networking', we identified and helped develop provided Specialty Match with a platform that was far broader, had many additional features and benefits, eliminated some of the issues inherent in 'pure play dating', and and offered numerous opportunities that extend well beyond what had been the initial concept.

Solutions in many areas.

With Specialty Match Network - as with many we help - we provided solutions that went well beyond catchy headlines - though we also developed the tag line 'We bring people together' to describe a very big concept in a few simple words, and a poignant and unique positioning statement..

Specialty Match is now on it's own, though you can see what developed by visiting
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