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Not fancy, but smart on a budget, (concept and entire Site by Cummings Design) will continue to work for Mountain Brook Foods for may years to come.

Here's the story:

Mountain Brook Foods is a leading manufacturer of dehydrated foods that are mainly for use in emergencies and natural disasters.

MBF had its own e-commerce Site, though it was suffering from poor traffic. It could budget just $5K.

With a limited budget of $5K (not enough to create a feature-rich Site and search engine optimize it), we decided to create a simple yet highly search engine optimized Site to drive traffic to the MBF ecommerce store while generating interest in dehydrated foods for daily use (not just emergencies). The actual store remained the responsibility of MBF.

Driving traffic the real way.

We developed a Site that educated people about and promoted dehydrated foods - for emergency stockpiling as well as for everyday use in the kitchen.

The Site is 'Everything you ever wanted to know about dehydrated food' and is 'sponsored by 'Mountain Brook Foods' with links to the MBF ecommerce store.

This information-only web Site enabled people to get excited about dehydrated foods by learning about nutritional value, processing methods, shelf life, and more.

By having a great deal of information about dehydrated foods, provides useful information while it enjoys very high first page search engine rankings in nearly every search term a user might enter if interested in dehydrated foods and emergency provisions. is a classic example of how Cummings does search engine optimization the right way... by providing visitors with useful information so they can make informed buying decisions which encourages sales and reduces time spent by the sales staff and customer service.

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