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Rob Cummings

I look forward to
helping write and/or analyze your business plan.

I am confident that you
will find the experience of
refining your plan to be
inspiring, enlightening,
and highly valuable now
and in the future.

A thoroughly considered
business plan becomes
the foundation and blueprint
for long term success.

Orange County Southern California
Business Plan Writer |  Business Development | Consultant

Business Plan Writer | Business Development | Worksheet

How I help develop your Business Plan or any venture.
(If you have an existing plan, please email it as an attachment).

The first steps for new business plans and ventures...

1. See this presentation...
First see this business plan presentation. It will put you in the right frame of mind and help you fill out the business plan worksheet I will send to you. It will also be useful to refer to if you get stuck answering any of the questions in my business plan worksheet. You do not have to see the presentation, yet it might help.

2. Open the business plan worksheet I sent you.
I will send you (or have sent you) my business plan worksheet in an email, attached as a Microsoft Word document, which you save to your computer. On a PC, right click and save. If you do not have my business plan worksheet, please contact me and ask for it. If you already have a Business Plan, or one in progress, or an outline, you may send it to me instead of the business plan worksheet.

3. Review and fill out the worksheet as best you can.
You (and others involved) open the business plan worksheet, review everything first by glancing through all pages, then type your answers directly into my business plan worksheet.

4. Return the completed worksheet to me as an attachment.
Once completed, return the document to me as an email attachment - or send your business plan or business plan outline.

5. Buy the review so that I can review your worksheet to be sure I can help.
When I receive your business plan worksheet, I will spend a few hours giving you my first impressions in comments, questions, and other thoughts I will type directly on the Business Plan Worksheet in red. I will then send it back to you as an attachment for your review.

If I feel I cannot help you, I will let you know what you need to do, and ask that you resubmit your Business Plan Worksheet.

If your plan seems sound, that it could work, and we get past Step 5, then the next steps apply:

6. Buy the first 10 hours based on my hourly rate.
If I have done the initial review and feel I can help you, I will ask you to charge the first 10 hours of consulting time to your credit card (or send a check) and we will proceed. To buy time, click here.

7. I begin the first draft - with comments and suggestions.
Once I receive payment, I will spend 10 hours carefully reviewing the information you provided, considering and evaluating your plan from the point of view of an outsider or investor or partner or associate.

In the process of developing a first draft, I will organize your thoughts, reword and edit, do some initial research, look for holes and inconsistencies, identify errors and omissions, and provide my candid opinion. I will then email the first draft to you for review as an attachment.
After the first 10 hours and with the first draft, we will know what needs to be done next. In most cases, it will take at least 10 more hours. If you have previous experience with business plans, this will help in reducing your final costs.

You should know that Business Plans take at least 10 hours (and most take much longer). The more you can do, the less this will cost.

If you wish to have me help before the worksheet...

Some have a difficult time filling in my business plan worksheet and need assistance. If you wish for me to help you with the worksheet before committing to the 10 hours, please go to this page, choose 1 hour, and charge the first hour to your credit card. If you do not wish to charge to a credit card, you may write me a check for the amount shown here and mail it to:

Cummings Design
30161 Pacific Island Drive, Suite 104
Laguna Niguel, CA  92677

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

Thanks! Rob.

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