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Orange County Southern California Business Plan Writer |  Business Development | Consultant

Smart business plan development, strategy, consulting,
agreements, processes, methods, and solutions.

Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - always thinking of newer, faster, safer, and better ways.

Intuitive, smarter solutions avoid and/or solve or resolve business problems.

A good business plan writer who is also a thoughtful analyst and strategist will help make any business or business plan better, increasing and assuring chances for success.

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Good decisions increase chances of success - and reduce liability.

We provide business help in many areas, helping avoid business problems from the start or startup, and quickly resolving business problems if they happen.

  • Brand, company, product, service naming >>

  • Trademark and Intellectual Property consulting, help and advice

  • Business Plan development

  • Business Plan review, strategy, refinement

  • Business development, marketing and execution strategies

  • Risk reduction and avoidance

  • Agreements, contracts, trade secret methodology

  • Partnerships and business formation strategies

  • Cease and desist and infringement help and strategies

  • Business solutions end to end

  • Other aspects most businesses overlook - opportunity and liability

With broad experience, a very open mind, the ability to quickly assess situations and develop contingencies, attention to detail and a passion for business law, Rob Cummings is a unique asset to business, large and small, startup and established.

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Great ideas and judgments can change everything...

... and a good business plan writer can help with strategy to dramatically increase the chances of success while reducing risks.

  • Strategies developed based on thorough analysis

  • Risks minimized w/ contracts, agreements, methods, policies, procedures

  • Business problems avoided w/ best practices, policies, communications

  • Best outcomes are achieved by thinking everything through

"My partners and I like the no nonsense way you approach your job and you brought up points that we would have never thought to address."

Thinking until it hurts is part of the process.

Rob believes in great ideas, and the process and steps to bring them to life.
He inspires greatness while he helps avoid 'slips and falls' that can result from aspects that only years later may become evident and obviously overlooked.

What should a good business plan/strategy do for a project or business?

  • assure success with careful pre-planning

  • consider every aspect

  • outline the steps to take (and the order of steps)

  • become the 'blueprint' to follow

  • make a convincing 'case' for success

  • keep things on track

  • help maintain focus

  • determine best procedures

  • provide contingencies

  • define the opportunity in succinct layman's terms

  • assure investors (if necessary)

  • include a marketing plan

  • include a partnership agreement

  • include an exit strategy

  • define roles and responsibilities

  • more

For funding, as well as the success of the business in general and in every aspect, the objective of a good business plan is to spell everything out - resolving all of the issues before the business starts.

To be a good business plan writer you have to look at everything, think a bit like a judge, make a strong case for your business in the writing.

"That's brilliant!"

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We help transform ideas into businesses 'designed' to succeed.

To turn a great idea into a real business requires a thorough plan to make the idea a reality - and avoid risk.

The business plan, if developed properly, insures success to the greatest degree by addressing every issue that relates to the business.

A properly developed business plan can also provide a road map for the development and implementation of business dashboards or software by identifying and determining key areas and functions of the business to monitor, assess, evaluate, and track.

Discovering opportunity - reducing liability - making best judgment.

As we explore, inspire, and uncover opportunity to develop streamlined solutions, risk and vulnerability are always seriously considered.

As great as brilliant ideas may be, poor judgment - even in remote aspects - can spell the end of the greatest business or business concept.

Years later after your effort turns into success, you don't want a serious business problem - and when you think of it, the more successful your business is, the more vulnerable it becomes.

Considering everything from the start or startup simply makes the most sense. Anything you fail to consider now can become a liability later.

The 'design' we're talking about involves all of the written details and specifics relating to exactly how the business (or project) will work - and like any great 'design', every facet and factor is carefully considered and analyzed. We're not talking about graphic design but instead 'business design' - though since 1979 we 'learned a bit' about graphic design too.

From offices in Orange County, Southern California, Rob Cummings is a Business Plan consultant and writer who can advise as well as help develop, refine, and update your Business Plan and strategies.

When Cummings Design helps create your business plan (or refine it), we go far beyond the levels of any business plan writing software, and far beyond the levels of most other business plan writers.

The better the plan, the better the outcome.

Whether starting a new business, or in business many years, a good Business Plan writer can help increase the chances of success in many ways.

Rob Cummings' broad experience, and creative open-minded approach, and attention to detail and liabilities, make him a good choice to help review and/or write or refine your business plan.

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Some hire Rob as a Business Plan writer to help in the development of the initial Business Plan which becomes the basis for marketing and business development work that follows, and to obtain funding when necessary.

Others hire Rob as a Business Plan advisor and consultant to refine, update or critique an existing Business Plan for growth and other purposes.

Some put Rob on the team as a business consultant where he can work with senior management and staff on an ongoing basis to help achieve short and long term goals and objectives, and maintain focus.

No matter where you are located, Rob can help you as an online Business Plan writer, advisor, and consultant, since the process of writing and evaluating your Business Plan is accomplished via the Internet.

Why do you need Rob to help with your business plan?
When choosing a business consultant or advisor or Business Plan writer to write a Business Plan, the writer with the broadest background, experience, and creative mind may be your best choice.

Rob's broad experience and talent as a promotional writer and business strategist helps him to help others as a Business Plan writer and in the analysis of Business Plans.

You need a Business Plan written in clear and plain language.
When Rob writes or critiques a Business Plan, he does so from the viewpoint of an outsider - important since, more often than not, those who read your Business Plan may not understand your business.

When you have Rob write and/or critique your Business Plan, you can be assured that all of the information, ideas, and concepts, are in clear and plain language that everyone will understand.

You need a story teller who can tell your business story.
Even if you find a broadly experienced business advisor or consultant, they may not have talent in being a good business plan writer or communicator. Being able to tell your story in a clear manner is an important aspect of the job of a good Business Plan writer.

You realize that business plan writer software won't do it for you.
The software that claims to make anyone a Business Plan writer may help with the outline, yet it does not address the real need, which is writing a Business Plan that is interesting to read, holds the reader's attention, intrigues, engages, and accomplishes multiple goals and objectives - and is based on a great concept with all things considered.

As a Business Plan writer, the Business Plans Rob writes are clear and succinct, presenting a compelling story about the business that is interesting, intriguing, inspiring, poignant and answers nearly every question a reader may have.

Since Rob has such broad experience in marketing and business development, and a very open mind, aside from helping tell your story, he often adds new processes, procedures, and other strategies that he offers as contingency plans or alternatives.

Do you need a business plan?

Though many create a Business Plan only when seeking funding, as a business consultant and advisor, Rob recommend
s that every business develop and/or refine its Business Plan to identify opportunities, clarify procedures, reduce risks and liabilities, and to help insure positive outcomes in every aspect of the business.

A thorough Business Plan covers every aspect of the business in every respect: 

This helps in determining the next steps to take (and the order in which to take them), correcting and/or avoiding problems, planning for contingencies, and in evaluating the effectiveness of business strategies, operations, and procedures. In the process of writing the Business Plan, discoveries are often made. A good Business Plan writer will help you make these discoveries, and help you determine successful strategies.

A well-written and clear Business Plan helps management understand the business as a whole, while portions of the Business Plan can be excerpted for employees, vendors, consultants, advisors, buyers, distributors, and others to help them understand various aspects of the business. This helps those working with you to do their jobs more effectively and with greater focus, while it can help those buying from you to realize the potential of your product or service. 

Clear, definitive and comprehensive, a well-written Business Plan often helps develop competitive strategy and can also become a valuable tool to properly analyze and assess creative and business development solutions and concepts.

What are the elements of a Business Plan?

Virtually every Business Plan contains the same type of information, though greater emphasis may be placed on one aspect or another depending on your specific need and objectives.
The goal is to describe the business in clear and plain yet detailed language that everyone can understand.

The Executive Summary is the story of your business and I always place a great deal of emphasis on the Executive Summary since it is often the most read (even if the rest is skimmed). The Executive Summary is the story of your business and the foundation for your Business Plan.

The Business Section of the Business Plan includes:

  • a description of the business

  • history (if any)

  • management

  • marketing and business development strategy

  • competition (direct and indirect)

  • operating procedures

  • personnel

  • business insurance covering general liability and other aspects (if and as required)

  • more (if needed)

The Financial Section of the Business Plan includes:

  • loan applications (if required)

  • a capital and equipment supply list

  • a balance sheet

  • and other financial information

  • The goal in this section is accuracy in the past financials and strong basis in forecasts and projections.

A Business Plan is often used to attract investors - yet it serves other important purposes as well.

In a well-written Business Plan, every detail of the business is clearly spelled out in plain language so that an investor can quickly read the Business Plan and determine if the business is a wise investment.

Investors look for concrete facts to base their investment decisions on. Therefore, a Business Plan needs to be factual, logical and convincing.

If the Business Plan makes sense, and the financials of the Business Plan seem reasonable, and other supporting documents make the case, the chances that an investor will invest in a business are greatly increased.

A well-written Business Plan also helps convince those who buy from you or are considering some form of alliance. These types need to be confident in your ability to deliver the goods and/or services they may come to rely upon from you.

More about why Rob might be the right Business Plan writer.

A business consultant with vision, broad experience, innovative marketing, process, financial strategies; a thoughtful, analytical mind, and a personality able to motivate and inspire, the Business Plans that Rob helps develop or refine provide measurable results across the board.

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Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience.

From formal education, over 27 years experience, a lifelong quest for knowledge, and an entrepreneurial attitude, the type of business consulting, ideas and concepts Rob provides while developing a Business Plan often go far beyond that of others. He has a knack for uncovering opportunities you may not have considered, and always does a significant amount of research on the Internet, finding information that is normally extremely helpful.

Unique among business consultants, Rob Cummings is personally capable of doing nearly everything a business needs, with first-hand experience in many aspects. This provides a unique perspective when Rob is involved in writing your Business Plan.

A broad perspective and analytical mind may be best.

Rob is not a Lawyer or an Accountant nor does he have an MBA (he does have a BFA and a great deal of life experience however). See Rob's resume and bio

Although there are a number of 'specialists' that can help write Business Plans, and Business Plan software that claims to help write Business Plans for you, Rob's experience as a consultant to business since 1979 enables him to write and review Business Plans from a broad perspective, without the narrow focus of specialists who may be biased by their background in law, or accounting, or your industry. 

When you have Rob write your Business Plan, Rob takes a broad and open-minded approach to how everything could be done better, often at reduced cost, and with greater efficiency and productivity.

Rob does not become involved in the financials though he will ask for the financials from your accountant. Historical financials speak for themselves. Projected and forecasted financials need a writer like Rob to help qualify them through logic, reasoning, and research.

Cummings Design Business Consulting produces and helps implement successful end-to-end solutions. The majority of the solutions provided are based on initially reviewing, creating and/or refining the Business Plan.

The across-the-board business consulting Rob provides is based on serious competitive research and analysis.

Rob is quick to identify potential problems and resolve them - operational, interpersonal, logistical, legal and all others - in a unique way that produces positive outcomes.

Planning on starting a business or refining one?

Please see this presentation.
The graphics are a little quirky but the message is good. Presented by BofA, it describes why you need a Business Plan and the basics of developing a comprehensive Business Plan. It will help you get started.

Contact Rob
and ask for his Business Plan worksheet. Whether you are seeking funding or trying to develop a blueprint and foundation, this Business Plan worksheet will help in your strategy. It will also help you organize your thoughts, determine your competitive advantage, and much more.

Rob serves as your business consultant and project manager, producer, writer, creative director, marketing analyst, motivator, visionary, process engineer, and more. Or he manages and directs these depending on the situation. Or he simply writes or updates your Business Plan and you and your staff carry out its plans and strategies.

There are no account executives. Rob works directly with you and other members of the team. Impossible projects are completed in record time without miscommunication or delay.

Cummings Design solves problems and develops strategies and solutions end to end that seem impossible to others.

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Try a half hour of Rob's time for an engaging phone conversation (or email) filled with answers and options and solutions. Contact us to schedule.

Contact Rob if you have any unanswered questions or concerns.

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We know about a lot of things.

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