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I can help you resolve your business partnership problem in a thoughtful way without taking sides.

Either you or your partner or a friend contacted me and I understand that you may be having a partnership problem.

More than likely it's a result of a misunderstanding that occurred before your formed the partnership, or after.

People who find me and have a business partnership problem may email this page to begin to help.

The partners likely had the best of intentions, though personal as well as professional interests may have been overlooked in the excitement of starting the business.

Now that the business is a reality, it's like a marriage. Even if you knew your partner for years, once you began working together, I'm imagining that their bad habits, or other activities are making one or both of you a nervous wreck.

I help by looking at every aspect, enabling partners to make the decisions that are best for them, and/or in inspiring thought on how to resolve partnership problems.

Almost always, the key is to assess the problems of each partner and then, based on everything including the goals, aspirations, hopes, dreams, business and personal lives of each, help inspire a workable solution.

How do we start to resolve this partnership problem?

I think the best way to start is to agree to trying to solve the problem. If the partners agree, I need to be paid, though each can even pay separately.

The next step:

I would like each of you to separately email me with your take on this business, why you chose it, what you hoped for, what you hoped for in your partner, what the issues were and/or are, plus your goals and objectives in moving forward.

Feel free to 'let it all out' to me understanding that I will not directly share what you write me with the other partner(s). My goal is to de-escalate the situation. Often the answers are simple, yet the partners have not considered them.

I will reply by email to each of you with some questions and possibly conclusions, or options to consider. 

Separately emailing works better than a conference call or in-person meeting... at least to get this rolling. Plus you can complain to me all you want!

I won't take sides and I will try to find a common ground that takes into account your personal situation, personal needs and goals as well. We'll discuss your business as well as your lifestyle.

For example, if you have kids and want to attend their sports events yet that is causing problems in your partnership, we'll try to develop a way to work things out so everyone is satisfied.

My goal is to identify the issues, and inspire solutions that all are completely satisfied with and happy about.

My process assures 100% satisfaction while greatly reducing the risk of having business-related partnership problems in the future. In rare cases I may recommend the partnership be dissolved, yet, at the same time, create a thoughtful way to dissolve it that satisfies all involved.

If you're ready to get started, please contact me for my private email address. Thanks! ~rob cummings.

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