Smart business plan development, strategy, consulting,
agreements, processes, methods, and solutions.

Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things – always thinking of newer, faster, safer, and better ways.

Intuitive, smarter solutions avoid and/or solve or resolve business problems.

A good business plan writer who is also a thoughtful analyst and strategist will help make any business or business plan better, increasing and assuring chances for success.

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Good decisions increase chances of success – and reduce liability.

We provide business help in many areas, helping avoid business problems from the start or startup, and quickly resolving business problems if they happen.

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Trademark and Intellectual Property consulting, help and advice

Business Plan development

Business Plan review, strategy, refinement

Business development, marketing and execution strategies

Risk reduction and avoidance

Agreements, contracts, trade secret methodology

Partnerships and business formation strategies

Cease and desist and infringement help and strategies

Business solutions end to end

Other aspects most businesses overlook – opportunity and liability

With broad experience, a very open mind, the ability to quickly assess situations and develop contingencies, attention to detail and a passion for business law, Rob Cummings is a unique asset to business, large and small, startup and established.