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We do our very best, have not forgotten your project if you found this page, and plan to be able to get back to you very soon with a great solution - usually within a few days.

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I give everyone the personal attention they deserve and know me for, and those I recommend do the same.

Most of the time I am not overbooked, yet there is only 'one of me', and many who know me are thankful of that since two might be overwhelming!

If you've worked with me before, you know I'm responsible, genuinely care, and always deliver in a 'timely manner' - though not always instantly.

Once I get to your project, the solutions I provide nearly always involve either great questions, better solutions than first imagined, or both.

Sometimes I want to wait until I get that big idea, rather than serve up a mediocre response. So sometimes I sleep on things, for a better result.

Some projects require absolute timeliness. I treat these first, to be sure we don't miss deadlines, and will always do the same for you. Just let me know.

Payment in advance is a luxury for me - yet there's a reason. 

When you buy time or a package, your project is on my docket - and payment issues are minimized, enabling me to forget about the money, and concentrate entirely on developing better solutions - the kind people want and expect from me.
"Pay as you go' also avoids what would normally be a much larger retainer fee.

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My goal is to thrill you with brilliance, never mediocrity, in a timely manner that meets your needs. Please always let me know if I am failing, and thanks for your patience and understanding.  ~ rob.



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Cummings Design provides advertising agency, design firm, public relations firm, branding and trademark services for clients worldwide via Internet, and for clients locally in Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, Costa Mesa, Rancho Santa Margarita, City of Industry, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other nearby Southern California cities.