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Orange County Southern California Business Consultant, Business Writer, Advisor, Design Firm - and more.

A Business Consultant who understands business.

Even more, probably too much, about us, for the curious...

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Our process automatically strips out dangerously bad ideas. *

Today, we help select companies win beyond design - yet with it.

*         Work backwards, like we do, from the bottom up (see Figure 1 below).

The solutions we help develop are the result of a thorough and thoughtful process, and a systematic approach to problem solving, billed by the hour.

Safe, smart, well-conceived solutions that:

  • identify and leverage every possible opportunity

  • avoid problems many overlook

  • share things from experience

Being creative is fun, trademark opposition and business problems are not.

We help people launch, create, re-create brands and products and services that:

  • avoid trademark opposition, branding problems and branding disasters

  • resolve branding problems and disasters

  • ensure making the right choices every step of the way

  • ensure proper launch and long lasting results

We help avoid and/or resolve serious branding and trademark problems (the kind that shut down businesses and few consider).

We also address:

  • partnership problems

  • logistics issues

  • manufacturing

  • distribution

  • many other aspects few consider*

    * due to simply not knowing and therefore never questioning.


Rob Cummings - *fun*, exciting, smart, fast-paced, broadly experienced, knowledgeable.

We do it all online, delivered right to your screen.

A smart, logical, safe, time-tested, proven process, directed by highly experienced people and that is:

  • thorough

  • thoughtful

  • quite painful (pain goes away later once you realize what you avoided)

  • very smart

  • the same way we'd launch a business if it were our own

Like a good doctor or psychiatrist, we bill by the hour, yet can rarely estimate how much time will be involved since we address so many diverse aspects.

We're one of very few, (maybe the only), that understands both sides of branding and brand naming - creative and legal - due to Rob's own experience.

Since 1979, Cummings Design's 'commodity' has been inspiring thought that leads to discovery of smarter ideas, better strategies, more perfect solutions, and greatly reduced risk - in every aspect of business operations.

We help assure best outcomes with numerous benefits - end to end - no matter how we're involved, and no matter what we do.

"I have never worked with anyone with such a broad range of knowledge and wide range of experience, both past and current."

Start-ups and established companies benefit from the smart, fully conceived solutions Cummings Design consistently inspires and helps bring to life.

"My partners and I like the no nonsense way you approach your job and you brought up points that we would have never thought to address."

An experienced business and marketing consultant, advisor, business development strategist, writer, designer, producer, project manager, and more, Rob Cummings'  broad background, open mind, and unique approach help him to conceive, develop, and execute big ideas that achieve many goals and objectives - all at once.

"My partner and I have done over 300 mergers in the last 10 years in the marketing services field totaling several $billion. Your web Site, philosophy and approach, are the best I have seen."

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Some highlights:

  • medicinenet bought by WebMD as a result of new information structure

  • N.V. Perricone's online Personal Prescription takes sales from $2500/month to over $350,000/month in four months

  • SpecialtyMatch Network is transformed from a niche dating concept to social networking which greatly broadens the appeal

  • The world's first flat panel speaker is launched with a music video

  • A competitor to Lloyds of London launches by 'cutting old school ties'

  • Read more in Client Stories >>

Talk to Rob for just 10 minutes and you'll see how quickly he cuts to the chase, defines the problem, and presents numerous options, alternatives and solutions.

Rob helps define problems, develop and assess options based on many criteria, inspire/create solutions that are distilled to their essence and highly effective, improve and streamline processes and procedures.

Rob dramatically improves outcomes - doing the work or helping.

Our online billing system is what enables us to work worldwide - right away - eliminating account set-up and admin. See how it works >>

By the 1/4 hour, 1/2 and 1 hour >>

Ideas, concepts, and strategies that help you win, not play.

Large or small, start up or in business for years, we can help in many ways.

Based in Orange County Southern California, we analyze businesses from the outside in, helping make the right choices and decisions end to end.

We focus on true competitive advantage, innovation, and smarter ways of doing everything. Our approach leads to solutions that
work better, longer, more reliably, more effectively, cost less, limit risks, are more scalable, and more.

" Rob's recommendations in operating procedures meshed what we were saying in our marketing with what we were actually doing in our business."

Serious initial thought and consideration ultimately translates into tangible works - like business plans, marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, company and product names, packaging, trademark solutions, and everything else we do.

We work with your team, or for your team, yet  save time since we rarely if ever meet in person.

Capable of doing the work of a leading world class advertising agency, graphic design firm, pr firm, and more entirely on his own, some hire Rob to consult in various business areas including product launches, others have Rob act as their off-site creative director and/or marketing director and/or copywriter, others hire Rob to help or manage their own teams, and still others have Rob bring in members of his own team.

Online, we help clients everywhere, yet rarely see them.

We take full advantage of the Internet to dramatically
expedite processes without the logistics of scheduled meetings, eliminating most travel expenses, allowing the brightest and most talented to be involved as needed, presenting more options to more people at the same time, documenting processes, and more. Those who experience our methods never wish to return to the old ways of doing business.

"As Virtual Creative Director for 2 1/2 years, Rob provided everything a top ad agency or design firm would - online - which saved us a great deal of time."

A business consultant with vision, broad experience, innovative marketing, process, financial strategies; a thoughtful, analytical mind, and a personality able to motivate and inspire, Rob's solutions provide measurable results.

"It's amazing how well Rob works with everyone... how many factors he takes into consideration, and how thorough he is."

From formal education, over 27 years experience, a lifelong quest for knowledge, and an entrepreneurial attitude, the type of business consulting Rob provides goes far beyond that of others, producing real, measurable results.

Unique among business consultants, Rob Cummings is personally capable of doing everything a business needs.
He can do it all, or he can direct, manage and motivate others to excellence.

" Rob continues to surprise and amaze me...and that is why I would never consider calling anyone else."

Broad Approach
Rob's approach as a business advisor is highly analytical and comprehensive, addressing your entire business. This may include suggestions to refine and improve your business model (rather than simply come up with a catch
y headline), being sure your company or product is named properly and as safe as possible from trademark problems, and much more.

Audience-specific targeted solutions
One size does not fit all. Our solutions are based on research and analysis. We take a careful unbiased look at your market, define your objectives and list criteria by which to develop solutions, then, help develop solutions that serve that market and your objectives in the best way possible. 'Best' is not judged by prettiest or flashiest without substance, 'best' is based on specific criteria and well-defined objectives.

The goal - true competitive advantage, winning strategy, less risk.

Cummings Design Business Consulting helps produce and helps implement successful end-to-end solutions.

Cummings Design considers all the factors involved in your company's success, and creates positive change in the way your company does business as well as the way it appears to the world.

We help review, refine, and/or create Business Plans since the Business Plan is the foundation for building a strong business and developing successful strategies in all areas.

The across-the-board business consulting we provide is based on serious competitive research and analysis. Rob is quick to identify potential problems and resolve them - operational, interpersonal, logistical, legal and all others - in a unique way that produces positive outcomes.

The results far exceed your expectations.

There are no account executives. Rob works directly with you and other members of the team. Impossible projects are completed in record time without miscommunication or delay.

Rob serves as your business consultant and project manager, producer, writer, creative director, marketing analyst, motivator, visionary, process engineer, and more. Or he manages and directs these depending on the situation.

Cummings Design solves problems and develops strategies and solutions end to end that seem impossible to others.

If required, Rob will help you upgrade your systems, processes and procedures. This will enhance productivity in general, plus allow you to approve all work without you ever having to leave your desk or waste time in meetings.

You approve everything step by step, at your convenience, and from wherever you are located at the time.

Projects are completed faster and more reliably than ever before, no matter where you and your staff are physically located.

Most projects are completed entirely on-line without the need for any face-to-face meetings.

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More good things people have said:

"Complete and genuine, Rob provided us with a true competitive edge."

"Great concept, great work, great speed, we are very impressed."

"When our Attorneys were unable to resolve a contract dispute, Rob did it, negotiating down the contract, which saved us over $45,000."

"Rob is fun to work with, and he makes things happen that we thought were not possible."

"Rob is creative, technically in tune with new techniques, fast and adaptable."

"I have worked with Rob at five different companies over a ten year period. We have always been delighted with his work."

Listen to sound bites in Windows MediaPlayer about our work:

Sound Bite #1

Sound Bite #2

Rob does whatever it takes for a successful result.
He can do all the work himself, manage others internally and externally, qualify and bring others in
, or simply consult by phone or email.

By the 1/4 hour, 1/2 and 1 hour >>

With an exciting, productive, fun management style, Rob gets along very well with management, staff, vendors, and all others - helping all do things better, smarter, faster, and more effectively.

This Site is over 250 pages, many with useful information.
Informed clients are our best clients. We greatly appreciate those that like to read, learn, have an open mind, and a true desire to succeed.

Some general areas to visit:


 We know about a lot of things.

Payment works like a doctor visit. Learn more >>

Our personal cause:

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Global warming, the tipping point, staying at home or work.
By Rob Cummings

Please join me and help by dropping the temps just -1 by working online.

Global warming, hot topic, and hotter, colder, rainier, windier, drier around the world.

Scientists believe it may only take a degree or two and may not be the gradual warming or cooling some perhaps wish were true.

With ice, one degree and it's not (ice), so those believing a degree or two won't matter may be mistaken. 1 apparently matters and one way to help seems obvious.

Please promote working more often online.

If you (and 1000's of others) would skip driving to a meeting just one day, and did the same work online, we might drop -1.

If you skipped one trip to the Mall, and instead ordered online, might help too.

At home or work, the faster we start doing more online, the better.

Like ice, solid at 32 F, dripping water at 33. (1)

1 seems so easily do-able, you can help by simply working more often online, and you'll benefit in many other ways as well (fewer emissions, less traffic, less gas).

The more people you tell, the sooner we drop it down a degree (or two).

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Work online more often, and ask others to as well.

I'm looking forward to a 1 cooler Earth to live on, no profit, just a cooler planet.

If you wear 1 sold at my direct cost, or show it off, people will ask "what is 1?"

You'll tell them 1  simply means working online more often. They'll tell others, and so on, and we can probably see the planet cool off in a year, if everyone helps a little.

This involves no sacrifice, and likely will increase productivity (and worker happiness).

Not the next alternative fuel, it certainly seems viable and smart right now, to a degree.

Please pass it on.

Thanks very much for your support,

/rob cummings/

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Payment works like a doctor visit. Learn more >>

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