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Here is how we work with our growing list of Virtual Associates.

We utilize a network of Virtual Associates (VA's), most working from their homes (some from offices), located around the World.

We post the photos and resumes of our VA's on the Cummings Design site.

If available, we also post some of your work which visitors can view.

Of course we give credit for your work directly below the piece.

To see an example of how we treat resumes of our VA's, click here .

We never make any promises to our VA's concerning how much work we may have for them, however the advantages of becoming a VA may be beneficial, and since we are growing rapidly, we may be able to keep you busy.

Our VA's around the world seem very happy with this arrangement, even if they seek freelance work outside of their full-time jobs.

By allowing us to place your resume on our site, you receive additional exposure, the benefit of being affiliated with a known web development firm, and the additional benefits this exposure brings.

VA's also have the option of sourcing and bringing new clients in. Plus they have the added benefit of being able to send prospects to the Cummings Design site and show their resume in that context.

If a VA brings in a new client or project, Cummings Design handles all the collections, makes a fair arrangement with the VA, and lets the VA do what they do best.

If you would like to be considered and possibly listed as one of our VA's, please email your bio/ resume and a recent photo similar to the others you see beginning here. Click 'To see some of these associates, click here' to see examples. Also please include links to some of your work if available.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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